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Webinar Recap: Metadefender Kiosk and NRC Milestone 8 Inspections

December 15, 2017 by Tony Berning
This year my colleagues and I were onsite for the first Nuclear Regulatory Commission cyber security program Milestone 8 inspections at the South Texas Project and Monticello nuclear power plants. We took away some key observations from...

Video: How Upwork Eliminated Zero-Day File Attacks with MetaDefender

October 02, 2017
Last year, Upwork had a problem: There was no way to block or eliminate zero-day threats hidden in the file uploads and downloads necessary for their business to function. A couple of weeks ago, Upwork Head of Information Security Teza...

Webinar: Unmatched Threat Protection & Analysis with Metadefender

March 09, 2016
Watch our webinar to discover how the MetaDefender Product Family offers unmatched protection from both known and unknown threats. MetaDefender is ideal for those in need of a comprehensive security platform, including IT admins,...