Protecting organizations from content and device based threats.

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MetaDefender Platform

Modern enterprises of all types and sizes face an increasing number of challenges from major attack vectors, including email, BYOD, the Cloud, and web portals. OPSWAT created a platform for preventing and detecting cyber security threats on multiple data channels and devices. The platform is powered by patented technologies and is controlled by a flexible workflow engine to efficiently prevent advanced threats. OPSWAT main use cases include isolated network protection, web and email security, and secure device access.

Trust no file. Trust no device.


Isolated Network Protection

Critical networks are especially challenging for security practitioners because isolated and air-gapped networks are vulnerable to attacks from portable media and other file transfer technologies. OPSWAT creates a secure end-to-end process for transferring files to and from isolated networks, which is widely used in manufacturing, energy, government, banking, pharmaceutical, and entertainment industries. 


Web & Email Security

File uploads and email are essential to business productivity. However, both are increasingly vulnerable to malicious attacks via content-borne malware. OPSWAT protects organizations against cyber security threats from email and file uploads. 


Secure Device Access

As an increasing number of organizations migrate to the Cloud, coupled with the rise of BYOD, the need has never been greater for cloud access control and device management. OPSWAT protects organizations from device based threats by preventing risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox. Using MetaAccess, threat intelligence and compliance technologies, OPSWAT performs extensive security and compliance checks, as well as remediation, before allowing devices to connect to local networks and cloud applications.  

The Technologies


Increase detection rates and decrease the time to detect an outbreak. Improve resiliency for compliance and anti-malware engine vulnerabilities without compromising on false positives, performance and cost.

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)

Unlike sandboxes, our Deep CDR technology does not depend on detection to block threats and rebuilds file to prevent targeted attacks related to a vulnerability while maintaining file usability.

File-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Detects vulnerabilities before applications are installed or in binaries of applications.

Proactive Data Loss Prevention

MetaDefender can help prevent potential data breaches and regulatory compliance violations by detecting and blocking sensitive data in files and emails.

Endpoint Security

Enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products for securing and managing endpoints through detecting, classifying, assessing, and managing thousands of software applications.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform contains billions of security intelligence data points to add cyber security intelligence to your architecture.

Cloud Access Control

Technologies to determine the status of important compliance features, ensuring that only trusted devices are allowed access to local networks and cloud applications.

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