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Free Endpoint Security Scan


MetaAccess is the easiest way to identify potential security risks on your computer or mobile device. It runs quickly and generates an easy-to-understand report about possible threats and vulnerabilities.

Download MetaAccess for free to make sure your computer, mobile device, or network as a whole is fully updated and secured.

What MetaAccess does:

  • Checks if your anti-malware protection is configured properly
  • Checks if your hard disk is encrypted
  • Checks if your operating system is up to date
  • Checks if your device is infected by malware
  • Maps the entire network
  • Checks if your device has been backed up correctly
  • Offers a simple interface to manage multiple devices

MetaAccess gives you an overview of the security of the endpoint you've scanned, and whether or not there are any security issues. It analyzes the general protection of the device, such as whether or not it's been backed up recently.

It checks for potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), and identifies applications that may be risky.

It also checks for updates and patches that have not been installed, and will alert you if this is the case.

And of course, MetaAccess checks for any potential malware infections.

We're excited to offer you this free tool, which is available for any kind of endpoint (an endpoint is any device that connects to a network), from desktops to laptops to tablets to phones. Install MetaAccess on up to 25 devices for free at a time – and install it on more with the commercial version. It runs regularly to make sure your endpoint is secure.

The Windows and Mac versions of MetaAccess are persistent; they will continue to run and make sure your endpoint is secure. (A one-time-run option is available once you log in.)