Malware Analysis

Trust no file.

Cybercriminals attack with increasing sophistication, yet most enterprises are underprepared to handle threats. Can you trust every file entering, traversing, or exiting your environment? 

  • Any file can contain hidden malware. 
  • Remote employees and contractors may have infected files on their devices. 
  • Portable media mobilizes threats across multiple domains. 

Enterprises need a malware analysis tool that is comprehensive and vigilant—to combat next-generation attacks. 

How We Can Help

Superior Malware Scanning

Many enterprises scan with only a single anti-malware engine. Industry best practices recommend scanning with as many engines as possible. OPSWAT scans every file with over 35+ anti-malware engines, resulting in detection rates exceeding 99%.

Reputational Analysis

Millions of malware attacks are deployed every day. Even known threats can slip through traditional anti-virus scanning software. OPSWAT’s Threat Intelligence technology quickly evaluates the reputation of a file, before it accesses your environment.

File Behavior Evaluation

Unknown and hidden zero-day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) can bypass traditional analysis. OPSWAT’s sandbox technology helps enterprises understand malware before granting access to the environment. Capabilities include observing network activity, backdoor creation, downloading of next-gen malware, connecting to low-reputation domains, network reconnaissance, and data encryption/system destruction techniques. 

Over 2 billion threats are captured in the OPSWAT Threat Intelligence Database.

What We Offer

Combat Malware Adaptations

Malware continues to bypass existing defenses because cybercriminals develop threats with evolving sophistication, and enterprises deploy insufficient protection. Many security professionals allow files to enter a network after only a single anti-virus scan. Superior solutions capitalize on combining as many anti-virus engines as possible. To detect the latest threats, OPSWAT uses 35+ anti-malware engines in multiple products.

Harness Threat Intelligence

The key to effective threat intelligence is broad exposure to the threat landscape. Because OPSWAT conducts stringent certification on cybersecurity products, we are in a unique position to capture threats across the entire threat ecosystem. This means that OPSWAT can help you identify known threats quickly, even if they’ve only recently been discovered.


Safely Deploy in Sandbox

Suspicious file behavior needs to be understood in its natural state. By creating an isolated environment, OPSWAT’s Sandbox technology provides enterprises the ability to run and analyze suspicious files. The behavior of malicious content and executables can be monitored and understood, and enterprises can determine the best remediation path—before infecting their systems.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Regulatory compliance requirements are enforced to minimize breaches and privacy violations. Meeting compliance is time consuming and can be costly—if requirements are not met. OPSWAT technologies provide compliant processes, comprehensive visibility, and detailed reporting capabilities. 

Use cybersecurity that works