MetaDefender Kiosk

Checkpoint for Portable Media

MetaDefender Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network. The Kiosk can be deployed at strategic locations throughout your organization where employees or guests may be entering with USB drives or other portable media that could contain malicious files.

MetaDefender is used by organizations that require the highest level of security, including critical infrastructure, government agencies, and financial institutions. MetaDefender Kiosk is used by the vast majority of US nuclear operators, making MetaDefender the leading hardware-based portable media detection and file sanitization solution for the US nuclear industry.


Critical Networks Protection

MetaDefender enables you to create a secure end-to-end process for transferring files to and from your critical networks. Create granular security policies for file types and security processing based on users and roles. Prevent known and unknown threats using multi-scanning, data sanitization (CDR), and vulnerability assessment.

Scan Portable Media for Threats

By multi-scanning files with 30+ anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics and machine learning, MetaDefender Kiosk significantly improves detection of known and unknown threats and provides the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.

Flexible Hardware Deployment Options

MetaDefender Kiosk can be deployed on standard x86 hardware running Windows 7 or later. If delivery on a hardened kiosk is required, purpose-built hardware is available from leading hardware vendors in multiple hardware size footprints.

Sanitize High-Risk Files

Our Data Sanitization technology, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), ‘disarms’ over 40 different file types, removing all potentially malicious content. The reconstructed, fully usable files are then copied to portable media or the MetaDefender Vault safe for use. 

Protect Sensitive Information

MetaDefender Kiosk offers data loss prevention (DLP) and can content-check over 30 common file types when they are being transferred to and from critical networks and block sensitive information or top-secret content by using custom regular expressions.

Our MetaDefender kiosks give us the added confidence in our ability to help keep our network malware-free. With the multi-scanning software provided by OPSWAT, we don’t have to rely on definitions from a single antivirus engine to catch every threat [...] the kiosks have proven highly effective in protecting our systems.

Ed Koeller
Security Analyst, Ameren

MetaDefender Kiosk Features

Data Sanitization (CDR)
Sanitize over 40 common file types, and rebuild each file ensuring full usability with safe content.
Scan with over 30 anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technology for the highest and earliest detection of known and unknown threats.
Vulnerability Assessment
Detect known vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 software applications using over 1 billion hashes.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Content-check 30+ common file types for sensitive information before they are transferred.
Customizable User Interface
Customizable, multi-language user interface. Supports eight languages out of the box, and supports localization.
Offline Signature Database Updates
Supports off-line updates of the malware signature database
Configurable Secure File Transfer Workflows
Supports configurable workflows based on users or roles, the type of portable media being used, and the file types being processed.