MetaDefender Drive

Trust you can hold in your hand

MetaDefender Drive is a durable USB-based security solution that uses multiple anti-malware engines to inspect devices for malware, vulnerabilities and sensitive data before they enter or leave any organization. The result is only trusted devices can be admitted to maintain security and compliance requirements of your organization.

Features and Benefits

Durable & Portable


Waterproof and tamper-resistant USB housing enables repeatable, enforceable supervision of transient devices across geographies.

Unlimited Usage

Scan as many devices as needed. Work seamlessly across Windows, macOS and Linux, including encrypted hard drives.

Uncompromised Insight


Extend known and unknown threat detection beyond the limits of single scan technologies with up to 5 anti-malware engines.

Detailed Reporting


Detailed analysis reports can be centrally collected and managed by OPSWAT Central Management, perfect for large scale deployments.

Isolated Analysis System


Boot safely into MetaDefender Drive's own operation system that supports scanning whether target system is online or offline.

Privacy & Compliance

No software installation, audit any target system without altering the device. No data is sent to the cloud for analysis ensuring privacy and compliance.

MetaDefender Drive Options

Professional Enterprise Advanced
Detect threats using multiple anti-malware engines
4 engines
Ahnlab, Avira, Bitdefender, K7
5 engines
Ahnlab, Avira, Bitdefender, K7, Kaspersky
5 engines
Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, K7, McAfee
Proactive DLP
Detect sensitive data (SSN, credit card number, etc.)
Detect vulnerable applications before being installed
Hardware compliant to regulations
Write Speed
Faster write speed reduces processing time
Find the MetaDefender Drive that is right for you