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Tony Berning
Sr. Product Manager

Tony works with the Metadefender product line at OPSWAT, delivering products that meet customer multi-scanning and security needs.

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Webinar Recap: Metadefender Kiosk and NRC Milestone 8 Inspections

My colleagues and I were onsite for the first NRC Milestone 8 inspections. We took away some key observations relating to deployments of Metadefender Kiosk.

Did You Miss Our Webinar About Digital Signing and Verification?

In July, I presented a new feature for Metadefender Kiosk and Client: digital signing and verification. If you missed the webinar, read a recap here.

Product Feature: Enhanced File Transfer in Metadefender Kiosk

With the latest release of Metadefender Kiosk (3.3.5), users now have more flexibility in the way they can use the functionality in Metadefender Kiosk to copy clean files to trusted portable media. This is an enhancement to a feature introduced a while ago in Metadefender Kiosk, that allows users to copy all clean files to trusted media that they provide, so that the original media does not have to be introduced to their secure environment. This helps prevent attacks from media that has been compromised to have a malicious, hidden partition, or other malicious firmware.

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How to Deploy Metadefender Core v4 For an Offline Environment

Just like Metadefender Core (Metascan) 3.x, Metadefender Core 4.x supports deployment in either online or offline environments, although there are some differences between the two versions. Since the process has changed, we would like to provide an update to our users that will be upgrading to Metadefender Core 4.x in an offline environment.

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Using Data Sanitization to Block Malicious Macros & More

A new ransomware called PowerWare was recently identified by researchers at Carbon Black. This threat is spreading through phishing emails containing Microsoft Word documents embedded with malicious macros. We have seen a few examples of this threat uploaded to our public Metadefender.com site, where users can scan files, hashes and IP addresses for threats.

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Metadefender Kiosk Now Supports Sending Scan Reports by Email

OPSWAT is excited to announce the release of Metadefender Kiosk 3.3.2, available for download on the OPSWAT Portal. Included in this release is the ability to specify an email address where Metadefender Kiosk will send copies of the reports for each scanning session.

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Metadefender Kiosk 3.3.1 Available for Download

The Metadefender Kiosk, which protects organizations from malware on portable media, has just released version 3.3.1 on the OPSWAT Portal. This update includes minor bug fixes and event log enhancements to help administrators better monitor the flow of information entering their secured network. 

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Can Data Sanitization Stop Ransomware Attacks?

It was recently reported that Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid a ransom to hackers to regain control of their computer systems. Although the amount of the ransom, $17,000, was not extraordinarily high for a hospital to cover, it does illustrate the risks that medical organizations face, and the potentially high costs of not adequately protecting themselves from those risks. This type of attack is often launched via a weaponized email attachment that is opened by an individual, and subsequently infects the network. This illustrates the need to properly scan all incoming files for threats before they are allowed into a secure network.

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Metadefender Adds McAfee Web Proxy and New Mail Agent UI

With this release, Metascan and Metadefender customers will be able to use McAfee's Web Gateway, our new Mail Agent UI, and experience the benefits of an updated IIS Express to version 8.0. To utilize this upgrade, we encourage all of our current Metascan and Metadefender customers to upgrade both installations. For those that have their Metascan and Metadefender installations on the same system, administrators must update both installations. Both new versions of Metascan and Metadefender contain mostly fixes and enhancements, and are now available on the OPSWAT Portal.

Boost your Email Antivirus Protection With A Second Layer of Defense

OPSWAT’s Metascan Mail Agent can enhance your email security gateways and can be integrated with exchange servers. The Mail Agent acts as a SMTP relay between two mail servers, and scans all email attachments that pass through that relay for known and unknown threats with the multi-scanning technology of Metascan®

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