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Blog: AppRemover

April in ReviewFuture post

While we were preparing for RSA, we were busy analyzing threat statistics, adding new features, and improving the accessibility and security of our products. Read up on all of our enhancements to Gears (including an exciting integration with Check Point's Mobile Access Gateway) and Metascan Online in this month's review, and be sure to check out our latest webinar on handling security breaches! 

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Major Gears Update: AppRemover, Encryption Controls, NAC for SaaS and More

RSA Conference 2015 is over and we enjoyed seeing many of our users visit us in San Francisco. The weather was great, the traffic was high, and the Giants swept the Dodgers. Overall it was a very successful conference and we got some great questions and ideas from the community. Check out our RSA wrap-up!

While the hubbub of RSAC was going on, our research and development team was hard at work releasing another update for Gears.

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OPSWAT Adds Popular AppRemover Tool to Gears for Windows

Gears provides visibility to the security status of endpoints and gives organizations the ability to identify and remove unwanted applications from Windows devices.

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Potentially Unwanted Application Behaves Like Malware, Eludes Detection

I think this development was inevitable, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing. Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) are now borrowing techniques from malware developers.

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January in Review

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OPSWAT Gears Adds AppRemover (Beta)

We’re excited to announce the beta release for the addition of AppRemover to our Gears application for Windows, and we can’t wait to introduce our AppRemover users to the added tools the Gears application provides! In addition to the application removal feature that made AppRemover so popular, Gears allows Windows users to monitor their installed security applications, detect infections that may be missed by their installed antivirus by scanning with 40+ anti-malware engines, and securely and privately access data using Session Shield

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Gears ‘Minnesota’ ReleasedFuture post

The New Year is in full swing here at OPSWAT. The Gears team has been working really hard, and our latest Gears release includes several exciting new features as well as important performance improvements and bug fixes.

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What Effects Do PUAs Have On a User's System?Future post

Previous blog posts on potentially unwanted applications have outlined our research into the level of trust we can place in PUA installers and the vulnerabilities they can potentially bring to user systems. According to our results, of the 60 potentially unwanted applications sampled, 50% of them were identified as containing one or more forms of malware, and 43% of them were flagged as containing known security vulnerabilities. However, these programs did not necessarily match across these two categories (i.e. some PUAs were considered malware while no vulnerability was reported).

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PUAs Open the Door to System Vulnerabilities

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post that posed an important question: How Much Can We Trust PUA Installers? To follow up on this theme and explore the topic a little further, we will now take a closer look at the relationship between vulnerabilities and PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

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How Much Can We Trust PUA Installers?

Thanks to the significant growth of the computer industry in the past couple of years, thousands of new applications are hitting the software market every day. Instead of being placed in the traditional good or bad category, a potentially unwanted application (PUA) is introduced to help classify some of the gray area applications. Generally speaking, a PUA is a very broad category that covers various types of applications including toolbar add-ons, public file sharing, instant messaging, cloud storage and rogue security software. 

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