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Blog: Sony hack

11 of the Largest Data Breaches of All Time (Updated)

A few data breaches stand out from the rest as some of the worst data breaches in history. Find out which 11 data breaches have had the most impact.

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Ten Tips to Avoid Massive Data Breaches | Don’t be the next Anthem!

Several major breaches make the headlines each year, with notable recent breaches including Anthem, Sony and a Billion-dollar cyber heist discovered by Kaspersky. Companies like Wendy’s, VTech, and many others have also had records exposed in the millions. If you want to know how many data breaches have happened so far this year, you can check it out on the ITRC's website (The Identity Theft Resource Center). Year to year, we have seen these data breach trends increase, along with the costs of securing adequate cyber security solutions. How can organizations better protect themselves from future data outbreaks? Read our list of the top ten tips to learn how.

Many of our customers, from large enterprises to small business, are wondering what they need to do make sure they aren’t the next big data breach headline. The good news is that most breaches can be prevented by a common sense approach, coupled with some key IT security adjustments.  

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