NRI Uses Metadefender Core for Confidential File Scanning

NRI Secure Technologies, Ltd. address their client's information security needs from both a technology and management standpoint, offering highly secure operations, monitoring, consulting, solutions implementation and other services as a one-stop provider.

NRI specializes in Incident Response and Malware Analysis Services. NRI collects malware samples from clients and uses various tools to analyze the sample, determining whether the sample is malicious and whether common antivirus engines can detect it. Many malware samples include confidential customer information that is not permissible to upload to an external web service such as VirusTotal, so NRI faced a challenge in only being able to use such services for retrieving existing scan results using the malware sample's hash value.

NRI Technologies chose OPSWAT's Metascan® (now MetaDefender Core) and Metascan Client (now MetaDefender Client) technologies for their confidential file scanning needs. Malware samples that NRI collects can be scanned by Metascan using anywhere from 1-30 unique antivirus engines in parallel. Metascan Client is an executable that communicates with a Metascan server to scan remote endpoints within a network, and is a great additional tool for the Incident Response side of NRI's business.

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