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Blog: Metadefender Core

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Critical Infrastructure Plants and Organizations Worldwide

Yet another large-scale ransomware attack broke out this week. Possibly a variant of Petya ransomware, the malware infected organizations around the world.

Event Wrap-Up: FIRST Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The 29th annual FIRST Conference was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the week of June 11-16. I had a great time representing OPSWAT at the event.

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Metadefender Now Supports Data Sanitization for XML Documents

OPSWAT Metadefender data sanitization (CDR) now supports XML document sanitization to address many of the potential threats of using XML documents.

Preventing Targeted Attacks That Use JTD or HWP Documents

JTD and HWP files, used in Japan and South Korea, can carry document malware. OPSWAT Metadefender data sanitization (CDR) now supports JTD/HWP files.

OPSWAT Announces the Release of Role-Based User Management for Metadefender Core

OPSWAT released Metadefender Core v4.6, which includes role-based user management, allowing the definition of distinct permissions for users.

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OPSWAT’s Data Sanitization Technology Now Available in Metadefender Core 4.5

OPSWAT is excited to announce that our powerful data sanitization technology is now available in our next generation Metadefender Core product. In Metadefender Core v4.5.0, administrators will have access to the following in all workflows:

Detecting Malware Outbreaks Faster Using Multiple Anti-malware Engines

At OPSWAT, we often encounter questions such as, "What is the value of multi-scanning?" and "Which Metadefender Core package is right for me?" Although we analyze large quantities of malware samples and deploy thousands of instances of Metadefender Core packages across many organizations, the answers to these questions are always the same – it depends. OPSWAT's multi-scanning technology works to improve detection of outbreaks by using a variety of engines from different geographical locations and by using a mix of both heuristic and signature-based detection. Heuristic analysis is especially useful for detecting new or unknown threats that emerge at the beginning of an outbreak.

How to Deploy Metadefender Core v4 For an Offline Environment

Just like Metadefender Core (Metascan) 3.x, Metadefender Core 4.x supports deployment in either online or offline environments, although there are some differences between the two versions. Since the process has changed, we would like to provide an update to our users that will be upgrading to Metadefender Core 4.x in an offline environment.

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New Engines Added for Metadefender Core Windows Packages

OPSWAT periodically reviews the engines included in each of the standard Metadefender Core engine packages to determine if we are providing the best combination of engines for our customers. With the recent release of Metadefender Core, we have changed the engines included in each of the standard packages.

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Metadefender Core v4.3 Offers Full Windows Support

Incorporating feedback from the public beta release, OPSWAT’s Metadefender Core v4 technology is now available for production deployment in a Windows environment! As part of our streamlined product offering, Metadefender Core v4 enhances system administrators’ abilities to update and scale. Utilizing OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology, Metadefender Core now can be deployed on Windows systems in addition to Linux systems. 

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