MetaDefender Core v4.16.3 Release

Product Overview

OPSWAT MetaDefender protects your organization by preventing advanced cyber security threats on multiple data channels. MetaDefender leverages a number of technologies, including Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), Multiscanning, File-Based Vulnerability Assessment, Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) and Threat Intelligence.

New In This Release

  • Added support for context information submitted for each file
    • Metadata header can be used to store and pass context information to watermark functionality and external scripts
  • Improved starting service flow, which will result in a faster initialization of MetaDefender
  • Improved engine updates for custom engines

Release Details

  • Product: MetaDefender Core 
  • Release Date: 16 October 2019
  • Release Notes: 4.16.3
  • Download Link on OPSWAT Portal: Download

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