LCI Uses Metadefender Core to Detect Threats

LCI logoLeader Communications Incorporated (LCI), based in Oklahoma City, provides telecommunications, engineering support, information technology, and management services to its government and commercial customers.

Since LCI provides services to many government customers, the company takes IT security especially seriously. LCI was using an email security solution with their Microsoft Exchange Server to block unwanted emails from reaching employee mailboxes, utilizing anti-spam, antiphishing, anti-malware and email content policies.

While LCI was looking for a way to increase its email malware protection, Steve Gorton, Director of Information Technology at LCI, learned about a new integration with Metascan (now MetaDefender Core), providing advanced email threat protection. Using Metascan technology, they can now scan all incoming, outgoing and internal email attachments with multiple antivirus engines (between 4 and 40), significantly increasing the malware detection rate as well as improving protection against new threats and threats directed at a specific engine's vulnerabilities.

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