Proactive DLP is Available for MetaDefender Core Linux

We're excited to announce the first major release in 2020, version 2.2. New features are included in this release:

Support Linux OS

Proactive DLP is now available in MetaDefender Core Linux, starting with the detection function. It supports all sensitive information types such as CCN, SSN, IP address, regular expression, same as Windows version

Flexible configurations

Along with the "CERTAINTY THRESHOLD" to decide at which level will block the file, an administrator now can choose the certainty level at which will redact the sensitive info. This certainty also is separated for each sensitive info type, it means you can choose to redact high certainty level for SSN, but medium certainty level for CCN. This flexibility reduces the false positive while still keep high efficiency to protect your data

More pre-defined regular expressions

With Proactive DLP, users can detect and redact a lot of sensitive info types by using regular expressions (regex). However, it's not easy to read and write regex as well as tricky to get it right. In this release, we create sample regexes that help users check personally identifiable information (PII) such as date of birth, address, email address, phone number, Driver license, ITIN, Bank account number, ... This list provides ideas on how to write the regular expression, users can customize them based on what they need. 

We also expand filetype coverage for the current features:

  • Redact Microsoft Office Word (DOC/DOCX)
  • Watermark PDF
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