OPSWAT and ICSA Labs Team Up to Enhance OPSWAT Certification Program

San Francisco, CA, December 9, 2016 “ Building on their existing relationship, today OPSWAT and ICSA Labs announced plans to jointly test the quality and compatibility of endpoint security applications, helping address the security challenges in bring your own device (BYOD) environments.

With low-cost IT solutions growing in popularity, BYOD workplaces have become common. BYOD devices often use low-quality security applications, placing networks and data at risk. With OPSWAT and ICSA's enhanced partnership, system administrators and BYOD users now can rely on OPSWAT Gold Certified products to prevent these security issues.

Originally launched in 2007, OPSWAT's Certified Security Application Program was first developed after gathering compatibility requirements from over 50 OPSWAT OEM customers. The program now supports over 1,000 applications from hundreds of anti-malware engines, and boasts partnerships with highly regarded testing organizations like ICSA Labs.

ICSA Labs sets and applies objective criteria for measuring product compliance and performance reliability of security applications. Their partnership offers system administrators and BYOD users a resource for finding reliable endpoint security applications. Security applications that meet both ICSA Labs and OPSWAT's testing criteria will be listed as OPSWAT Gold Certified security applications.

Dan Lanir, Vice President of Professional Services and Support at OPSWAT, said: "IT organizations have long relied on the OSPWAT Certification program to choose security applications that are compatible with their NAC and SSL/VPN solution. Thanks to our partnership with ICSA Labs, they can now use the Certification program to determine which security applications reliably deliver the security they claim they provide."

George Japak, Managing Director of ICSA Labs, said: "We're excited to continue our technical partnership with OPSWAT as they enhance their Certified Security Application Program to help vendors showcase high performance and quality. All system administrators should check OPSWAT's list of certified products before adding an application to their security architecture."

OPSWAT and ICSA Labs encourage all anti-malware, encryption, and patch management vendors to learn more about the enhanced program, and to submit their latest versions for certification prior to public release. OPSWAT highly recommends all system administrators check OPSWAT's list of certified security applications before purchasing one.


OPSWAT is a San Francisco-based cyber security software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002, OPSWAT has delivered solutions and technologies that protect organizations from threats and secure digital data for over a decade. OPSWAT combines next-generation Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, its cutting-edge Vulnerability Engine, and multi-scanning with over 35+ anti-malware engines in its MetaDefender suite of products, and its OESIS Framework endpoint security SDK has helped secure over 200 million endpoints. To learn more about OPSWAT, visit OPSWAT.com.

About ICSA Labs

ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, has been providing credible, independent product assurance for end users and enterprises since 1989. ICSA Labs provides third-party testing and certification of security and health IT products, as well as network-connected devices, to measure product compliance, reliability, and performance for most of the world's top technology vendors.

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