Event Wrap-Up: Infosecurity Europe 2017

Infosecurity Europe 2017 OPSWAT Booth

Boaz Litai, Territory Manager - Europe, and Derek Hutzler, International Sales Manager, at the OPSWAT booth

We just got back from Infosecurity Europe, which took place in London, England on June 6-8. Held in the Olympia exhibition center, the conference is a meeting place for cyber security experts and vendors from around the world.

Nearly 18,000 people attended Infosecurity Europe last week. We hadn't been there since 2015, so it was great to return to the annual conference.

We talked with hundreds of people about our products, including MetaDefender Kiosk, MetaDefender Email Security, and MetaDefender ICAP Server, and how they keep data secure.

Derek with MetaDefender Kiosk

Derek discusses MetaDefender Kiosk

Cyber security issues are more pressing than ever, and seemingly every day there's another major data leak or ransomware attack — like the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, which was first identified in the U.K. health care system.

OPSWAT technology is powerful enough to help organizations beat these threats.

This year at Infosecurity Europe, we got a lot of questions about our data sanitization (CDR) technology. Document-borne malware is on the rise, and those kinds of threats are top of mind for many information security officers these days. Many were curious how many types of files our technology supports and what kinds of file conversions are possible. At the present time we support 18 file types for data sanitization and over 90 kinds of file conversions. We're constantly expanding the kinds of files we support as well (recently we added support for XML documents).

Additionally, several people asked us about the MetaDefender Vulnerability Engine, which detects vulnerabilities in over 15,000 applications and application versions. The Vulnerability Engine helps administrators detect and assess known vulnerabilities that are present in a system.

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