April in Review

Take a look at our April newsletter for a convenient summary of what we've been up to here at OPSWAT. This month we hosted two Cyber Security Seminars in Seoul and Tokyo with our partners from NextIT and INSEC Security, released a free tool for scanning your endpoint for threats, certified 17 new security products, and much much more. Check out our monthly updates below!

Data Sanitization Blocks Malicious Macros & More

Macro-based threats entering organizations via malicious email attachments are becoming increasingly popular. OPSWAT's data sanitization technology works to prevent this type of threat (among others) by sanitizing incoming email attachments for safe use.

See how the technology works >>

FREE Tool: Scan Your Device For Threats

The new MetaDefender Client Beta offers on-demand scanning with over 40 anti-malware engines as well as 12 IP reputation sources, showing any infected running processes. You will also be able to see details for each file scanned, including name of the file, scan results (how many engines detected the threat) and the date of the last scan.

Download the new MetaDefender Client Beta >>

New Products Certified by OPSWAT

OPSWAT certified 17 new security products across 10 different categories in March, verifying that each of the security products below are compatible with leading network and technology solutions. The Certification program is free and ensures detection for a wide-variety of security applications to avoid issues for system administrators, software vendors, and home users.

Check out the newly certified products >>

OPSWAT Partner Events in Korea & Japan

Earlier this month, OPSWAT hosted two Cyber Security Seminars with our partners from INSEC Security and NextIT. The events covered a variety of trending security topics including ransomware, email security, data sanitization, and more.

Check out photos from the event in Korea >>

MetaDefender & PacketFence Integration

We are excited about another integration with our technology partner, PacketFence. The integration with MetaDefender.com will allow PacketFence administrators to do the following:

  • Check downloads from machines connected to your network for malware
  • Quarantine and block devices from connecting if malicious downloads are identified

Learn about the integration >>

Discover Unknown Devices & Monitor Patches

With our latest MetaDefender Endpoint Management release, IT administrators get an easy, automated way to detect new devices entering their network, and a way to stay on top of the new updates needed for the devices already in their network.

Learn more about the release >>

Upcoming Events


DCOI U.S.A - Israel Cyber Security Summit Washington, DC
Details here


IEEE Tech Industry Summit Santa Clara, CA
Details here


NITSL Conference Charlotte, NC
Details here


OPSWAT Security Best Practices Charlotte, NC
Details here


Black Hat Las Vegas, NV
Details here

OPSWAT Product Updates


MetaDefender Kiosk version 3.3.2 - Release Notes


MetaDefender Client Beta


MetaDefender Cloud version 5.16.0


MetaDefender Endpoint Management - Release Notes


OESIS Framework Daily Updates

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