Silicium Security Integrates ECAT with OPSWAT's Metascan

Silicium Security integrates ECAT with OPSWAT's Metascan to provide multiple engine malware scanning technology inside ECAT advanced malware detection for endpoints

Montreal, QC,” November 2, 2011” Silicium Security, the provider of ECAT advanced malware detection, today announced that it has partnered with OPSWAT, Inc., the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification and multiple-engine malware scanning solutions, to give ECAT enterprise customers integrated antivirus multi-scanning capability accessible within the ECAT console.

By leveraging OPSWAT's Metascan, ECAT's advanced malware detection can incorporate results from multiple antivirus engines as part of the static analysis of files on an endpoint. This provides a fast, efficient method for flagging files that are known already to be suspicious or malicious. With those files identified, the analyst can focus on the unknown threats that ECAT can identify but that an antivirus might miss, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

OPSWAT's Metascan Antivirus Engine for Windows provides IT professionals and software engineers an easy way to enhance network security and integrate multiple antivirus scanning technologies and URL filtering into their proprietary solutions. It is ideal for implementations such as adding antivirus scanning technologies to a file upload server. Metascan packages are available with up to 30 antivirus engines.

"With ECAT we focus on finding the most difficult-to-detect, potentially damaging malware like APTs that are targeted at enterprises with the most to lose. We don't take chances or shortcuts with our technology but need to ensure every base is covered. Metascan fits perfectly with that goal for enhancing our detection and analysis capabilities," said Chad Loeven, Silicium Security's VP of Sales and Marketing. "By enhancing our technology with components from OPSWAT's Metascan technology, we give our customers insight into specific malware and attacks, which helps them close potential exploit points."

"Our technology allows Silicium Security to quickly incorporate threat metadata from Metascan into ECAT in a way that wouldn't be practical or economic if they used standalone AV engines," said Tom Mullen, VP of Business Development, OPSWAT, Inc.

About OPSWAT, Inc.
Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification and multiple-engine malware scanning solutions. With both software manageability and multi-scanning products, OPSWAT offers simplified and comprehensive SDKs that reduce time and costs for your engineering and testing teams. OPSWAT delivers: OESIS Framework, an open development framework that enables software engineers to develop products that manage thousands of third-party security applications; Multi-scanning products including Metascan antivirus API, MetaDefender for Media, and MetaDefender for Secure Access, which optimize several anti-malware engines to scan for viruses simultaneously; Metascan Online, a free online tool for scanning suspicious files; and AppRemover, a free utility that enables the complete uninstallation of antivirus applications. To learn more, visit or contact

About Silicium Security
Since 1999, Silicium Security has been delivering innovative enterprise security solutions to a world-wide customer base that includes government, corporations and public institutions. Today, we are recognized for our cutting-edge technology and unique approach in protecting strategic corporate information residing on Windows-based computer installations. Silicium's flagship product, ECAT, was introduced to the market in 2007. By doing so, we expanded our reach and brought our technology to all organizations and institutions facing a new generation of security threats—unknown malware and undetectable Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

For more information, please contact one of our critical infrastructure cybersecurity experts.

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