Metascan Product Line Updates

This past week we released two updates for the Metascan product line, which are available for download on the OPSWAT Portal. The latest updates include a more flexible download utility and improved file-scan logging capabilities.

Version 3.0.3 of Metascan Client includes an improved user interface and the latest 64bit demo version available for download on the Metascan Client product page. For customers interested in upgrading Metascan Client, there is an improved how-to instruction guide provided in the Metascan Client documentation. The latest software version also provides more informational scanning logs and will list all of the antivirus engines used once an endpoint scanning process has been completed.

We've also released Automatic Definition Updates Download Utility 3.7.6 which provides a more robust download utility for Metascan users. The download utility allows users to automatically schedule the download of offline Metascan engine definition updates. The latest download utility update will gather each individual antivirus engine update, and allow the user to download which specific antivirus engine update they require. In addition, the latest update also allows users to resume interrupted downloads (e.g.; computer crash or failed download process).

For users of the Metascan Online API, we have increased the usage limits for the free API keys; free users can now use the API for up to ten scans and 100 hash lookups per hour. This is a big increase from the previous limits of five file scans and five hash lookups per hour. Free access to the Metascan Online API is available after signing up for an OPSWAT Portal account and obtaining a license key at

For more information about the latest updates to Metascan, please visit the OPSWAT Portal.

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