MetaAccess Client SDK with OESIS Released for OEMs

We are excited to announce the release of the MetaAccess Client SDK for OEMs. The MetaAccess Client SDK can now be used to deploy both MetaAccess and OESIS Framework with the added benefits of automatic updates, version control and flexible integration options.

Once installed, the MetaAccess Client SDK can talk directly to the integrated application, as well as obtain centralized configuration and updates from MetaAccess Cloud. For devices without Internet access, the MetaAccess Client SDK can act as a local endpoint SDK.

Since the MetaAccess Client SDK can access MetaAccess Cloud, this gives organizations the added ability to auto update their OESIS versions, as well as apply version control and roll back versions if necessary. In addition, MetaAccess endpoint security and compliance checks can be applied for free on 25 devices with the agent installed.

The MetaAccess Client SDK supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and can be easily embedded with the OEM agent’s installation package for one-step deployment onto endpoints. OEM partners can choose to display the MetaAccess system tray icon on the endpoint or hide it from the user.

The MetaAccess Client SDK can be downloaded from the OPSWAT portal. For more information about MetaAccess, visit the online help.



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