Next Generation Network Access Control

MetaAccess prevents risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox. Using OPSWAT’s industry-leading endpoint security and advanced threat prevention technologies, MetaAccess performs extensive security and compliance checks as well as remediation before allowing devices to access corporate data.

Ensure Device Security and Compliance

With the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) and software-defined perimeter (SDP) environments, corporate data is increasingly accessed by unmanaged, risky, and potentially noncompliant devices. Using OPSWAT’s industry-leading endpoint security and advanced threat prevention technologies, MetaAccess empowers organizations to enforce internal security standards and meet security and regulatory compliance across all devices accessing corporate data, whether the devices are corporate-owned or not.

Key security checks include:

  • Endpoint infection detection with 30+ anti-malware engines using MetaDefender platform
  • Comprehensive anti-malware compliance verification
  • Detection and fingerprinting of over 5000 third-party applications
  • Disk encryption status check using OPSWAT patented technology
  • User authentication and screen lock check
  • Detect vulnerabilities on the endpoint
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Protect Corporate Data

MetaAccess protects corporate data by ensuring that only compliant devices are allowed to access local networks and cloud applications. In addition, MetaAccess provides enterprise-wide visibility into all managed devices, allowing for easy identification of security and compliance issues as well as detailed device information.

Aid Regulatory Compliance

MetaAccess helps organizations meet regulatory requirements by preventing risky devices from accessing corporate data, as well as increasing insight into unmanaged devices by linking user identity to devices when accessing cloud applications. MetaAccess further provides reports that can be useful for assisting with regulatory compliance audits, such as required by FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and others.

Transparent User Experience

MetaAccess offers simplified control over endpoint device posture without requiring any actions of the end user. Unlike the traditional VPN and network access control (NAC), through seamless authentication protocol integration such as SAML, MetaAccess enables cloud applications and SSO solutions to enforce device posture on an application-by-application basis with ease.

Low Setup Cost and Maintenance

With pay-as-you-go pricing and no infrastructure upgrades, MetaAccess does not require technical administration skills and allows you to scale easily when you need to add more devices. Setting up MetaAccess only takes a few clicks, and multiple deployment options are available. MetaAccess is free for up to 50 devices, enabling organizations to try the solution on an extended basis before committing to a paid subscription.

The MetaAccess Difference

Endpoint Security Leadership

MetaAccess exposes the broadest set of endpoint security checks on the market, including endpoint security application status, patch level, threat detection and indication of device compromise. It is the only solution offering OPSWAT's patented generic disk encryption detection and network access control with compliance policy check.

Customizable Remediation Pages

MetaAccess provides self-remediation and customizable remediation pages that allow users to resolve most issues themselves, reducing help desk calls and support overhead.

BYOD Access Control

MetaAccess uniquely addresses the complex BYOD ownership problem by showing the user's identity (IdP or application user name) for each device when accessing cloud applications, increasing unmanaged device control without requiring any IT infrastructure changes, network traffic manipulation, or mobile device management (MDM).

Customizable Policies and APIs

MetaAccess offers comprehensive policy configuration options and enables organizations to customize the solution to their specific business needs. REST APIs are provided to enable developers to add cloud access control to their existing security solutions, avoiding the need to develop their own endpoint solutions.

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