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Get Ready for Cyber Week

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Get Ready for Cyber Week

Cyber Week 2017

Cyber Week starts in 10 days in Tel Aviv, Israel, and OPSWAT will be there for the annual cyber security conference at Tel Aviv University June 25-29.

OPSWAT CEO Benny Czarny, who founded OPSWAT in 2002, will speak about developing a cyber security strategy. His presentation, titled "Will we ever get cyber security strategy right?", will take place at 11am on June 27th.

We are extremely excited for this week of cyber security thought leadership, presentations by experts, and networking. If you're going to attend Cyber Week, be sure to stop by booth #2 to say hello!

Get in touch with us today if you would like to schedule an appointment at Cyber Week.

You can reach out to:

If you have a general question about OPSWAT's unique offerings, contact us here.

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