Infographic: Secure Data Workflow - Defending the Castle

When dealing with highly secure networks one of the best ways to defend against threats is to isolate the network to minimize your attack surface.  This isolation can come in several different forms, with an air-gapped network being the most secure type of isolated network. Secure Data Workflows are critical when moving data and files into and out of these isolated networks.

Check out and download this Secure Data Workflow infographic and follow along as we use the analogy of a castle and its defenses to talk about isolated networks and how to defend them, and ultimately set up a secure process (workflow) for moving goods into and out of the castle.  In the end, with isolated networks you have a very minimal attack footprint to defend.  The key is to to aggressively defend that very limited attack surface to prevent threats from entering your isolated network.

"The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has recorded over two dozen cyber incidents since 1990". With a Secure Data Workflow most of these could have been avoided.

For additional information see the Defending the Castle Webinar which explains the concept of Secure Data Workflows.

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