OPSWAT and Palo Alto Networks Partner to Provide Innovative Network Security

OPSWAT announced today that Palo Alto Networks has integrated the OESIS Framework into its newly released GlobalProtect™ to implement simple and consistent policy compliance checks for all network connections.Together, OPSWAT and Palo Alto Networkshave extended the unique enterprise capabilities of Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls to secure users and data regardless of location and eliminate network traffic blind spots.

GlobalProtect delivers a consistent firewall-based security policy for all users, irrespective of location. It enables remote connections to be protected in the same manner as connections within the physical corporate location without additional management requirements. GlobalProtect also allows host state policies to be established prior to granting access to a network resource. This verifies that critical elements such as OS patch level or updated virus protection are available and active on the endpoint computer.

OPSWAT, the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification and multiple-engine scanning solutions, licenses its OESIS Framework to Palo Alto Networks to enable GlobalProtect’s simple policy management and security application verification. OESIS Framework is a cross platform, open development framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products that detect, classify and manage thousands of third-party software applications. OESIS Framework enhances Palo Alto Networks’ security platform by providing customers visibility and control to ensure security applications are working as expected. By utilizing the OESIS Framework to access information about endpoint computers, GlobalProtect allows enterprise customers to establish policies that verify the health status of endpoints prior to a network connection.

“Our goal is to make it easy to manage and protect a network while enabling the ever-more-mobile end user to connect easily,” commented Lee Klarich, VP Product Management, Palo Alto Networks. “OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework makes it possible for GlobalProtect to achieve this.”

For security software vendors wishing to partner with Palo Alto Networks, the OPSWAT Certification Program offers an easy process to ensure interoperability. Joining this free program allows vendors to verify that security applications will operate with GlobalProtect and other leading network and technology solutions. Jeff Garon, Director of Marketing at OPSWAT, commented, “As the leading interoperability certification program, OPSWAT Certification provides security software vendors an ideal way to create a technology partnership with Palo Alto Networks.”

Elisse Lockhart, who manages the OPSWAT Certification Program, also noted: “Vendors are able to easily submit their applications by contacting certification@opswat.com.” End users can use the free “Am I OESIS OK?” utility to detect security applications installed on their computer and those applications’ interoperability levels with solutions powered by the OESIS Framework.

For more information about OESIS Framework, OPSWAT Certification and OPSWAT, please visit www.opswat.com and www.opswat.com/certified or contact sales@opswat.com.

Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification and multiple-engine scanning solutions. With both software manageability and multi-scanning products, OPSWAT offers simplified and comprehensive SDKs that reduce time and costs for your engineering and testing teams. OPSWAT delivers: OESIS Framework, an open development framework that enables software engineers to develop products that manage thousands of third-party software applications; Multi-scanning products including Metascan antivirus API, MetaDefender for Media, MetaDefender Threat Analyzer and MetaDefender for Secure Access, which optimize several anti-malware engines to scan for viruses simultaneously; Metascan Online, a free online demo for scanning suspicious files; and AppRemover, a free utility that enables the complete uninstallation of antivirus applications.

About Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks™ is the network security company. Its next-generation firewalls enable unprecedented visibility and granular policy control of applications and content – by user, not just IP address – at up to 20Gbps with no performance degradation. Based on patent-pending App-ID™ technology, Palo Alto Networks firewalls accurately identify and control applications – regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic or SSL encryption – and scan content to stop threats and prevent data leakage. Enterprises can for the first time embrace Web 2.0 and maintain complete visibility and control, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership through device consolidation. Most recently, Palo Alto Networks has enabled enterprises to extend protection over all types of traffic, applications, and threats to remote users with the release of GlobalProtect™. For more information, visit www.paloaltonetworks.com.

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