Metascan's Customizable Workflows and Easy Package Updates

In this month's Metascan® release, version 3.9.3, we are making it possible to customize and configure different workflow profiles, and have made it easier to download updates for your engines. Both the workflow profiles and the engine updates can now be managed from the Metascan Management Console, which has been made faster and more secure than ever before.

This month's release includes:

Configurable Workflows

Metascan is a powerful, efficient, and agile security tool that can utilize up to 30 of the world's leading antivirus engines through one highly configurable interface. Metascan offers RESTful APIs in order to make it easy for engineers to integrate Metascan with their preexisting security infrastructure. With the addition of configurable workflow profiles, Metascan now also allows custom policies for archive handling, file analysis, or data sanitization procedures, depending on the user, group, or source of data. These workflow profiles, which are now available in beta, can be set to establish separate policies for individual employees, guests, or even entire teams or departments, bringing increased flexibility to your Metascan deployment. This gives administrators granular control over the security policies for their organization, helping balance the need for security with the productivity demands of users.

Create customized and configurable profiles for each process, person, or department

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Each profile can have different configurations for archive handling, file type analysis, quarantines, data sanitization and 'copy to' post actions.

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Improved PDF Sanitization and File Handling

While adding these profile options, our Metascan team has also improved Metascan's data sanitization capabilities. PDFs going through Metascan's data sanitization engine now never have their file type converted, leaving the file structure intact. This ability to sanitize PDFs and other documents without altering the file structure is a great option for network engineers, as there are different strengths and weaknesses to altering a file structure during sanitization. The Metascan team was able to accomplish this all while making Metascan faster and more efficient. If you're curious about how fast Metascan is, download our performance PDF.

Customized data sanitization policies can help organizations deal with varying file types. Sanitization policies can be based on file type or archive location, and provide quarantine or copy-to instructions for various data sanitization processes. For instance, if an organization would like to set separate policies for PDFs sent between non-guests, and PDFs sent to the company from external sources, they can do so by changing the file handling settings in their Guest Profile. Administrators can set up a Guest Policy to quarantine suspicious PDFs from guests for review, while using a different policy to scan, sanitize and send non-guest PDFs to their intended recipient, bypassing a quarantine.

More Convenient Engine Definition Downloading

Metascan is designed with the ability to deploy in both online and offline environments. In order to do so, OPSWAT provides customized engine update packages so that it is easier to update to any offline Metascan servers with the most current virus definitions, even in secure, locked-down environments with limited or no network connectivity. This is important for air-gap facilities that need to isolate their environment. Those with sensitive, offline environments often use Metascan with MetaDefender—see the MetaDefender deployment options page for great examples of offline deployment setups, or view our offline update configuration video to go over the process in detail.

For online or offline deployments, customized engine update packages can now be downloaded right from the Metascan Management Console. By moving the package download utility, network engineers using Metascan can manage their custom Metascan packages directly from the Metascan Management Console.

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Other Fixes and Enhancements

  • The archive handling functionality has been updated to support more types of ISO and tar.bz2 archive extraction
  • The security and compatibility of the Metascan Management Console and web interface has been improved by replacing the PHP component with JavaScript
  • The ClamWin engine included in all Metascan packages has been replaced with the ClamAV engine

Version 3.9.3 of Metascan is now available on the OPSWAT Portal. If you have any questions, or would like assistance in upgrading, please contact OPSWAT Support. To find our more about how Metascan is used, check out our use cases and case studies!

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