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OPSWAT Releases Updated and Expanded OESIS Support Charts

We recently updated our OESIS support charts to make it easier to find the anti-malware, patch management, and encryption applications that are OPSWAT certified.

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Review of White House Cyber Security Efforts for 2015

Last month, the White House issued a press release summarizing the Administration’s cyber security efforts and accomplishments for 2015. This post will cover the highlights, and then we’ll take a look at how OPSWAT’s products for device and data security can contribute to these efforts.

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Metascan Mail Agent Now Compatible with Non-Exchange ServersFuture post

We are excited to announce the latest release of Metascan®, 3.9.2, which is now available for download on the OPSWAT Portal. With this release, we enhanced the Metascan Mail Agent to support any SMTP mail server, in addition to Microsoft Exchange. This will allow users who use other mail systems to leverage the power of Metascan to scan all emails for threats.

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Video: OESIS Vulnerability Assessment Module Future post

Adam Winn, Senior Product Manager at OPSWAT, demonstrates the OESIS Vulnerability Assessment Module. OESIS is a cross platform SDK that is designed to help developers create products to secure endpoints in NAC, SSL-VPN, and other endpoint assessment solutions. Watch the demonstration to see how quickly the module can scan devices for applications that need to be updated or removed.

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Considerations for Effective Endpoint Security

As BYOD continues to grow, organizations will have to focus more resources on the protection of endpoint devices. Here are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing an endpoint security solution. 

OPSWAT is Issued Patent for Determination of Whether a Data Storage is Encrypted

OPSWAT, a software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,021,163 entitled Determining Whether a Data Storage is Encrypted. Inventors are Benjamin Czarny (CEO, OPSWAT), Jianpeng Mo (Director of Software Engineering, OPSWAT), and Boris Dynin (Consultant, Movil, inc.).The patented technology is available today in OESIS Framework and will soon be available in Metadefender Endpoint Management.

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Video: How to Report a Missing Product in OESIS

Our latest OESIS support video will show you how to report a missing product that isn't being detected or managed properly by submitting a request through the OESIS Endpoint Assessment Tool. The OESIS Endpoint Assessment Tool provides a visual representation of the capabilities of the OESIS Framework. By following the video below, you will be able to submit both enhancement and new product support requests as needed.

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Video: How to Add Product Support in OESIS

Have you ever wanted to see Metadefender in action? Now’s your chance! I recently did a walkthrough to demonstrate one secure data workflow option using a guest profile configuration. The Metadefender kiosk allowed me to scan my files—including a password-protected archive file—for malware, and then copy only the clean files to a trusted USB drive provided by my host organization. In this age of USB drive-borne threats, controlling your organization’s dataflow in this fashion is one way Metadefender can help protect your network from malware and targeted attacks!

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How Bad Software Updates Put Your Network at Risk

So you’ve identified that a user on (or attempting to join) your network has unpatched software that needs to be secured. How do you identify the offending program quickly and effectively? It could be their operating system, browser, Java, or even Adobe Flash!

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A Great Start to the Month of March, New OPSWAT Certifications!

Spring always brings joy and this year is no different. We are delighted to announce new certifications to our existing partners Beijing Rising Technology, Maya Software Technologies and Quick Heal Technologies. The certifications that were awarded to our 3 partners came from 4 different categories. 

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