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OPSWAT Releases Major ICAP Update for Metascan

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OPSWAT Releases Major ICAP Update for Metascan

OPSWAT today announced the release of the latest version of Metascan which includes significant improvements to Metascan’s ICAP support, making the technology easy to integrate to any network’s security architecture.

The latest installment of Metascan, a server application that allows customers to use multiple antivirus engines to scan files for malware, exposes the Metascan ICAP server interface. The newly exposed interface makes it simpler to integrate high performance multi-scanning to existing ICAP compatible devices in a security network. Metascan powers the multi-scanning capabilities of the ICAP server which increases malware detection rates and decreases the amount of time before a malware outbreak is detected. Additional antivirus applications can be added to the Metascan multi-scanning engine from top security software vendors such as Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Bitdefender and AVG.

“The latest update to the Metascan ICAP server is a massive improvement over previous versions,” said Tony Berning, Product Manager at OPSWAT. “The newly exposed Metascan ICAP server interface makes it easier for network security administrators to facilitate multi-scanning in their security architecture.”

The Metascan ICAP server can be used to add another layer of protection for established proxy servers. System administrators and IT managers can easily set up any proxy that is ICAP compatible to have HTTP requests redirected to the Metascan ICAP server to be scanned for malware. Spyware, viruses and many other threats are increasingly spread through webpages; the Metascan ICAP server in conjunction with a proxy can protect the security of a network by scanning all files downloaded from the internet for viruses.

“IT executives are constantly struggling to protect their IT infrastructure against malicious websites,” said Chris Kennedy, VP of Information Technology at OPSWAT. “The Metascan ICAP server is a must-have for any secure network with its ability to scan network downloads using multiple anti-malware engines at the same time without negatively impacting internet download speeds.”

In addition to improved ICAP support, the latest update of Metascan also contains a dashboard that will give customers the ability to view the number of files Metascan has scanned and display the threats detected.  An additional improvement is the addition of security software vendor Bitdefender to the Metascan 8 package, the perfect solution for IT professionals and software engineers looking for a simpler way to enhance network security and threat detection.

A free trial of Metascan and the Metascan ICAP Server is available for download at https://portal.opswat.com/. OPSWAT will be holding two webinars to discuss integrating multi-scanning with an ICAP-compatible proxy server on Wednesday, June 5th. To learn more details and register for the webinar, visit OPSWAT's event page.



About OPSWAT Inc.

Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the leading provider of software management and security technologies. With both software manageability and multi-scanning products, OPSWAT offers simplified and comprehensive SDKs that reduce time and costs for your engineering and testing teams. OPSWAT delivers: OESIS Framework, an open development framework that enables software engineers to develop products that manage thousands of third-party software applications; Multiple antivirus engine scanning products including Metascan (try the demo at www.metascan-online.com); AppRemover, a free utility that enables the complete uninstallation of security applications; and Gears, a white-labeled, cloud-based solution for monitoring and managing computers, servers, and switches.

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