MetaDefender Kiosk v4.3.3 Release

Product Overview

MetaDefender Kiosk is a solution that protects organizations by acting as a checkpoint for data on USB drives and other media devices, providing the ability to detect, control, and sanitize digital data before it enters or leaves a secure network.  

MetaDefender Kiosk allows you to set filters to permit or block content based on file size, file type, and multiple antivirus scan results. Kiosk sanitizes files to remove embedded threats, quarantine blocked files, or copy allowed files to trusted media or network locations. Additionally, you can configure specific workflows for individual users or groups within your organization using domain or system accounts to authenticate users. 

New In This Release

Kiosk self-scan - Allows periodic or on-demand scans of the Kiosk file system

Copy allowed files to the wiped original media - New copy-to route will wipe the original media and copy all allowed files back to it

Exclude special archive files from scan - Only applicable to Acronis backups, virtual hard disks and/or VMware virtual machines.  Choose to exclude these files from scanning if its contents have already been processed

Process password protected documents - When password protected documents are encountered (Word, PDF, Excel), Kiosk will now prompt for passwords for processing their contents

Kiosk disk capacity limit warning - To help our customers ensure that the Kiosk has sufficient space to operate, it will generate a log message when disk capacity has reached 80% or higher.

Custom Authentication Module (CAM) - To better facilitate CAM users in upgrading from V3 to V4, the CAM sample code includes 64-bit

Release Details

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