Managing the unknown….The Unmanaged Devices Attack Surface Challenge

Author: Amir Gil, MetaAccess Business Director.

It’s a fantastic time for hackers—less fantastic for companies that work with contractors, suppliers, partners, and remote employees. Allowing access to essential applications and data for users with unmanaged devices is a common practice and business enabler in our global economy, but it has many risks.

These unmanaged devices entering your on-prem or cloud applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, and suppliers’ portals) extend your cyberattack surface dramatically. And, without the right software in place, it’s impossible to know how these devices are protected:

  • Do they have a malware detection agent installed?
  • Is their disk encrypted?
  • Are there suspicious files on them? 
  • What vulnerable applications are installed on them?

Just as you would apply physical protection of secured areas (consider airports, ports, defense facilities, etc.), it is legitimate to oblige a security check of remote devices before they’re allowed to access your applications and data. 

It’s a Difficult Challenge

Upon first glance, it sounds nearly impossible. How can you implement a quick but comprehensive solution efficiently, quickly, and with a frictionless approach? How can you manage all of those devices: remote Windows and Linux PCs at home and in the office, laptops, BYOD (Bring Your Own Disaster) iOS and Android cellular and tablet devices? How can you establish device compliance and check for vulnerabilities after your IDP solution has verified the identity of your users?

The Solution

OPSWAT has developed its “Trust no Device” approach for this kind of challenge. MetaAccess is an endpoint agent that verifies unmanaged device compliance based on predefined security policies. It will run either as a dissolvable or persistent agent, integrating with IDP’s like Okta, Ping Identity, and Centrify and any other SAML based IDP. It also helps meet regulatory requirements such as HIPPA, FINRA, SOX, and others. MetaAccess is built on OPSWAT OESIS access control technology, which has been implemented in more than 100 million devices.

If you’re ready to start mitigating this risk at your own organization with the most efficient, frictionless, and tested solution, contact one of our access control specialists today.

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