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Video: AppRemover for Mac Demo

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Video: AppRemover for Mac Demo

Check out our new video demonstrating AppRemover for Mac!

AppRemover for Mac thoroughly uninstalls antivirus and public file sharing applications, removing all related files to ensure that the system is left stable and clean. The uninstallation process only takes a few seconds to remove an application and never requires a reboot.

This video shows how to use the command line interface of AppRemover to completely remove a Mac antivirus product. In the demo, ESET Cybersecurity is uninstalled from the local machine, however the AppRemover CLI can also be used in a networked environment.

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The terminal is used to launch the AppRemover utility, which first detects applications installed on the system and reports the current status of each one, plus the product name, product version, vendor, and whether it is supported by AppRemover. Then specified applications, or all applications, can be removed. After the successful removal of the security applications, a log file is generated and placed in the working directory. 

AppRemover for Mac is ideal for IT pros who need to seamlessly detect and remove software from many computers at once, as well as software developers who want to add an uninstallation feature to their own applications. Click the on the image to see AppRemover for Mac in action!

Derek Bass
Marketing Project Manager, Video

Derek is the creative mind behind OPSWAT's videos and photos and also contributes to many of the graphics used on OPSWAT.com. In addition, Derek leads the creation of OPSWAT's market share reports, from data collection through production.

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