Streamlined Metadefender Product Family Offers Unmatched Protection

We have been working hard at OPSWAT to prepare a streamlined version of our product line that provides the highest protection and analysis of known and unknown threats. We're excited to present our technologies as part of a single MetaDefender Product Family, supporting our mission to deliver the most robust data security platform.

All of our products, with the exception of OESIS, will now fall under the MetaDefender Product Family. The MetaDefender Product Family includes two major elements, MetaDefender Core (utilizing the Metascan® multi-scanning engine) and MetaDefender Security Suite. MetaDefender Core includes multiple threat detection methods such as data sanitization, archive scanning, file type verification and workflow policies. MetaDefender Security Suite offers several modules that enhance existing security solutions.

MetaDefender Core

MetaDefender Core uses up to 40 anti-malware engines to scan files for threats, which significantly increases malware detection rates. The technology can also be used to analyze large databases of files and provides extensive data points about which engines have detected each threat. Through a rich set of APIs, MetaDefender Core is easily integrated alongside other software solutions.

MetaDefender Core Modules:

  1. MetaDefender Core - On-premises multi-scanning solution that provides the most privacy and control
  2. MetaDefender Cloud - Cloud-based multi-scanning with over 40 anti-malware engines
  3. MetaDefender Hash Database - A rapidly growing database of files that have been scanned for malware using more than 40 leading commercial anti-malware engines from security vendors and is available on-premises for those with greater privacy needs.

MetaDefender Security Suite

MetaDefender Security Suite offers unmatched protection from known and unknown threats using data security policies that incorporate powerful multi-scanning, data sanitization, and file type control. By securing many data entry points, including portable media, email, web browsing, and file transfers, from a central location, MetaDefender reduces IT overhead and provides central insight into and control over data flows. The suite offers various security modules that help to enhance your organization's existing security solutions without a complication integration process.

MetaDefender Security Suite Modules:

  1. MetaDefender Email - Allows organizations to quickly scan email attachments with multiple anti-malware engines to detect and block advanced threats
  2. MetaDefender Proxy - Ensures that every file entering an organization is scanned by multiple anti-malware engines for threats before it is allowed in the network.
  3. MetaDefender Kiosk - Protect your network by enabling control over the flow of data into and out of your organization.
  4. MetaDefender Secure File Transfer - For high-security organizations (for instance with air-gapped networks) such as banks, military institutions, and public utilities to further secure and manage their data workflows as well as improve efficiency.
  5. MetaDefender Endpoint - An easily deployed tool that can manage endpoints already in your network, perform deep scanning to ensure endpoints are safe before connecting, or check the security status of a given device.

To simplify things for you, naming changes are reflected in the table below:

We are excited to offer all of our products under one comprehensive security platform for IT admins, ISVs and malware researchers. If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, feel free to contact our Customer Success team or reach out to us on Twitter @OPSWAT.

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