OPSWAT Update – May 2021

May was an exciting month for OPSWAT with several companywide announcements and industry media coverage.


OPSWAT Appoints Distinguished Critical Infrastructure Industry Veterans to Board of Directors

Five critical infrastructure experts have been appointed to the OPSWAT Board of Directors bringing decades of strategy, operations, and critical infrastructure expertise from the Department of Defense, CA Technologies, Check Point, and Forescout to help drive its next stage of growth.

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OPSWAT Appoints New Executives to Accelerate Global Growth

OPSWAT added two new members to its executive team in May. Mike Barker, Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Spindel, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary are helping to drive the organization’s international growth, operations and legal compliance.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection – Lessons Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Attack

After shutting down on May 7th due to a ransomware attack against its IT network, the Colonial Pipeline became one of the most recent and alarming victims of critical infrastructure cyberattacks. Learn more about the increasing number of ransomware attacks, the most common ways for an attacker to gain access to an organization’s network and see a screenshot of how OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk identified the Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds attacks. Visit our blog to learn about how MetaDefender and MetaAccess can protect critical infrastructure against ransomware and other advanced cyber threats.

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Check out our recent global and media coverage highlights at OPSWAT in the News and Press Releases to see how we are continuing our commitment to protect the world’s critical infrastructure.

OPSWAT Academy Cybersecurity Training Updates

What is Static Analysis?

There are over 170,000 words in the English language. While we use language to communicate with each other daily, the average person will only use a fraction of the total words available in their lifetime. Because of this, we often run into circumstances where we need to look up a word we have never heard of before. It is in these situations where we turn to a widely available, and easily accessible trove of knowledge – a dictionary.

Traditional Antivirus scanning software can be thought of in much the same way. A dictionary has definitions for words, while Antivirus (AV) software houses definitions for malware samples. Of course, AV companies are in a much faster race for updating their definitions as they need to keep up with the constantly evolving cyber landscape.

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What is Dynamic Analysis?

Malware is dangerous, but not obviously so. If malware was easy to detect, then every email, network or sharing system would have complete protection. As cybersecurity tools evolve, so too should the ease at which all kinds of malicious content are halted. Yet in 2020, McAfee’s Center for Strategic and International Studies reported a record global loss of almost $1 trillion. So why is malware still so effective in the modern era of cybersecurity?

Designed to assimilate with our natural expectations, some malware cleverly evades audits and analysis tools. An innocent looking email, website or free online tool all provide doorways for bad actors to inject malicious code, programs, or processes to facilitate their goals.

MetaDefender Cloud (try for free) offers a powerful sandbox option that can be used to score uploaded files against a robust weighting system. The ability to detonate a file safely provides information that might otherwise bypass traditional Static Analysis techniques. Sandboxes offer excellent defense against zero-day attacks, where file definitions have yet to be added to AV company databases.

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OPSWAT Product Spotlight

Shortcut LNK Files May Contain Malware

LNK file shortcuts provide quick access to executable files (.exe) without the users navigating the program's full path. Because LNK files offer a convenient alternative to opening a file, threat actors can use them to create script-based threats. Learn more about how OPSWAT Deep CDR protects organizations from potential threats inside files.

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OESIS Framework May 05, 2021 Release

Universal macOS binaries offer the possibility to write code once and run on both Intel architectures (x86_64) and the newly released Apple Silicon M1 (and future) chips based on the ARM64 architecture. The OESIS Framework provided support for Apple Silicon chips using the Rosetta translation layer. In May, native support for Apple Silicon was released by adding the ARM64 architecture to existing libraries, which already offered support for Intel 32-bit (i386) and Intel 64-bit (x86_64) architectures. Please note that Intel 32-bit support will be deprecated at the start of 2022.

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MetaDefender Email Gateway Security v5.3.0 Release Notes

The newest release of OPSWAT MetaDefender Email Gateway Security offers significant architectural changes, enabling administrators to manage multiple Email Gateway Security instances by using a single shared email history and quarantine database. Additionally, the new user-based quarantine reports feature significantly reduces the daily tasks of email security administrators, and the new disclaimer options allow companies to inform and alarm users according to the scan result of the emails.

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Critical Infrastructure Resources

Email Security Comparison Guide

The guide provides an overview of which email security solutions have the most effective anti-malware scanning, which solutions can remove malicious content from attachments, and how to fill gaps in your current email security solution.

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Preventing Cyberattacks through Cross Domain Solutions

The white paper provides a summary of cybersecurity evolution in critical infrastructure, how to balance cybersecurity risk and mitigation, and cross-domain solutions for portable media.

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To access other resources, including White Papers, datasheets and case studies visit OPSWAT CIP Resources

Professional Services

Is your cybersecurity program ready for the next phase of business growth?

No matter what industry you operate in, OPSWAT Professional Services can assess, optimize, and recommend remediation plans for any aspect of cybersecurity. Whether you need cybersecurity consultation, implementation guidance, custom integrations, ongoing maintenance and improvement, or complete managed services, we are here to help you.

Examples of what OPSWAT Professional Services can provide:

  • Operational Excellence Check-ups: Our team of experts will review the full application flow for your OPSWAT products to get a complete understanding of all your business and security needs, then review the systems parameters and performance stats to make sure your solution is optimized. The assessments are fast and can be conducted on-site or virtually.
  • Regulatory Quick Consult: Our team of experts will host an online Q&A session to review your compliance with FERC, NERC CIP, and other relevant regulations. This discussion coupled with a policy requirement checklist is intended to uncover possible issues where you may need some additional reviews and materials to ensure compliance.

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Channel Partner Program

If you are an MSP, VAR or cybersecurity reseller and want to expand your portfolio to include Critical Infrastructure Solutions, join the OPSWAT channel partner program.

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