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OPSWAT MetaDefender Protects Against Offensive Zero-Day Capabilities

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OPSWAT MetaDefender Protects Against Offensive Zero-Day Capabilities

Zero-day attacks are no longer limited to hacker groups and companies; governments have been exploring the use of offensive zero-day capabilities. In fact, state actors, including the U.S., are some of the biggest customers for new zero-day attacks. Recently, the Israel Ministry of Defense expressed interest in advanced vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits R&D for use by its law-enforcement and security agencies, and other countries are almost certainly seeking similar capabilities. 

The below document is a recent RFI by the government of Israel calling for hackers to provide vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits information.

Clearly, the threat environment is becoming increasingly more challenging. Data sanitization solutions can prevent many zero-day attacks which exploit vulnerabilities using malware hidden in files. Data sanitization, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), removes malware and disables harmful scripts and links contained in complex file formats. 

Please see more on OPSWAT solutions here.

Jianpeng Mo
Vice President of Engineering

Jianpeng Mo joined OPSWAT in 2011 and is OPSWAT's Vice President of Engineering. He leads OPSWAT's development teams for device compliance management solutions, MetaAccess, and OESIS Framework. He specializes in developing modern concept products, leading the engineering groups in solving unique and difficult technical problems. Jianpeng received his M.S. from New York University with a major in Electrical Engineering. He has been granted 6 U.S. patents for device encryption, network access control, and vulnerability assessment technologies.

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