OPSWAT Launches Free Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 6, 2011 – OPSWAT announced today the official release of the Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal at citrix.opswat.com, which provides Citrix Access GatewayTM customers free tools to generate custom compliance policies for endpoints and to scan user devices for malware.

Benny Czarny, CEO of OPSWAT, said “We are excited about our new technology partnership with Citrix, and we look forward to providing Citrix customers with our free tools to improve the security of their remote access solutions.”

Powered by OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework (the industry standard SDK for software manageability), the Citrix Endpoint Analysis portal enables system administrators to easily check devices for the presence and secure configuration of multiple software applications. Citrix is a leading vendor in the SSL VPN market based on market-share, and was recently featured in Gartner’s SSL VPN Magic Quadrant. In the report, the partnership between OPSWAT and Citrix was applauded by Gartner.

“IT is struggling with the security unknowns and challenges of supporting the rapidly expanding number and type of devices as well as user-owned devices in work environments,” commented Michael Badarak, Senior Director of Product Management at Citrix. “Through this partnership with OPSWAT, our customers have a best-of-breed solution to ensure such devices are secure and trusted before they connect to enterprise desktops and applications.”

The second free tool available through the portal is an EPA scan for malware running in memory using OPSWAT’s Malware Scanner tool. Malware Scanner Free is easily implemented through the policy generator to ensure the network’s security remains intact. It quickly scans active processes and memory modules on endpoints for key loggers, viruses and other threats prior to a network, web or server log in. While it does not replace a full antivirus solution, Malware Scanner offers an extra layer of security against malware.

Citrix customers can upgrade to Malware Scanner Pro, which includes multiple customization options as well as five anti-malware engines optimized to scan simultaneously. Customers using a multi-scanning solution will increase their probability of detecting threats in only seconds. “Because no single anti-malware engine can detect every threat, Malware Scanner Pro is ideal for improving network security. With its quick and thorough scan, Malware Scanner Pro adds protection without decreasing performance,” said Jeff Debrosse, Vice President of Product Management at OPSWAT.

The technology can also be seen in the free Malware Scanner demo, which is built using the MetaDefender for Secure Access 2.2 (MD4SA) toolkit. The demo is a small download that requires no installation or registration, offers a fast multi-scan of your computer’s actively running processes, and is available at /products/malware-scanner.

For more information about licensing MD4SA technology from OPSWAT, please visit www.opswat.com or contact sales@opswat.com.

Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification and multiple-engine scanning solutions. With both software manageability and multi-scanning products, OPSWAT offers simplified and comprehensive SDKs that reduce time and costs for your engineering and testing teams. OPSWAT delivers: OESIS Framework, an open development framework that enables software engineers to develop products that manage thousands of third-party software applications; Multi-scanning products including Metascan, MetaDefender for Media, and MetaDefender for Secure Access, which optimize several anti-malware engines to scan for viruses simultaneously; Metascan Online, a free online tool for scanning suspicious files; and AppRemover, a free utility that enables the complete uninstallation of antivirus applications.

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