Cross-Domain Solutions

Create a data and device transfer process that delivers security and trust across the entire perimeter.

MetaDefender Vault

Storage you can trust

Transferring files into and out of any environment exposes systems to breach and infection. Portable media are often used to conduct these transfers, bypassing security protocols.

MetaDefender Vault is a secure file storage and retrieval solution that protects critical data and keeps threats at bay. It limits access within an organization and provides important tracking and auditing information.

Secure. Approve. Access.

  • The moment files enter MetaDefender Vault, they are scanned for malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Files are evaluated continuously, as virus definitions are updated.
  • Suspicious files can be sanitized.
  • Rules can be created to block access to files for a pre-set containment period - to prevent latent outbreaks and zero-day attacks.
  • Job function and approval sequences confirm who must authorize inbound and outbound files and who can access them.

Primary features and benefits

Outbreak Prevention

Prevent zero-day attacks and ensure your organization can handle false negatives through a variety of options. Lock any new file in a time-specific quarantine, continuously re-scan with multiple antimalware engines, implement role-based access rules to reduce exposure.

Get an overview of processing and detection activity over time.

Access Control

Enforce workflow processes that require authentication and restrict access and sharing of files, by job role and file type.

Control the list of supervisors authorized to perform certain actions like lock access to any file that has not been pre-approved.

Enforce multi-stage approval process for highly sensitive data.

User Management

One unified view simplifies user classification and management.

Distinguishing between Active Directory, Guest, and Local Users, allows the flexibility of sharing files from outside yet keeps security in place by allowing time-based expiration of files from Guests.

Easily filter and synchronize users from Active Directory. Gain visibility and mange licensing issues.


A variety of options, allowing you to configure and receive email notifications for different actions, give you complete visibility into the workflow for immediate response to potentially harmful actions.

Multi use solution

MetaDefender Vault integrates with MetaDefender Kiosk for portable media support.

Integration with MetaDefender Email Gateway Security enables all attachments to be replaced with links to sanitized files stored in Vault.

Direct integration with Microsoft Active Directory (with one or more domains) speeds up user adoption.

Integration via Rest API allows for high volume processing.

Vault to vault integration allows for multiple secure environments to have a safe way of transferring files.

Audit trail

Maintain a record of all user actions (adding and deleting users, file upload, deletion, sharing, blocking, and purging) to fulfill requirements for corporate compliance.

Additionally, maintain a history of all files processed for your records.

Multiple Storage Options

Flexibility to store in multiple locations for maximum productivity - locally, somewhere on your network, on S3, or any S3 compatible storage.

Store original files in a separate location from sanitized files. Limit access to originals for added security.

Create a Trusted Network List

Restrict access to trusted networks for additional security. Apply upload or download restrictions for users that log in using different IP addresses for additional security.

Use cybersecurity that works

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