OPSWAT CEO and Founder Benny Czarny to Speak at SFSU on October 18

Our CEO and founder, Benny Czarny, will speak at San Francisco State University's CS Graduate Seminar on October 18th. Benny will present on malware threats hidden in documents, focusing on malicious file uploads and downloads.

Document-borne malware takes advantage of complex file formats and functionalities to conceal malicious scripts that, when executed, result in the installation of malware on an endpoint. Malicious files may also take advantage of vulnerabilities known to be present within a system. Such attacks, especially in file uploads, are increasingly common.

Benny will talk about how Content Disarm and Reconstruction (data sanitization) prevents these kinds of attacks by stripping threats and unsecure content from files while leaving the file content intact.

Benny Czarny Cyber Week 2017

Benny presents at Cyber Week 2017

Benny is a veteran of the cyber security industry with over two decades of experience. He founded OPSWAT in 2002 with personal investment and built it into a thriving security company that is at the forefront of cyber security innovation and has an impressive portfolio of customers.

Benny Czarny OPSWAT Presentation

Benny presents at a corporate event in 2017

Benny has presented at cyber security events around the world, and he was a keynote speaker at Cyber Week in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2017. This will be his second time lecturing at San Francisco State. He also gave a presentation in October 2013 about the spread of malware, variations in malware detection rates, and static versus dynamic analysis (and his seminar was "well received," according to Dr. Barry Levine, the professor who organized the event).

Benny Czarny Cyber Security Seminar San Francisco State 2013

Benny's seminar at SF State in 2013

Don't miss this special event! Benny will present at 5:30 on Wednesday, October 18th, in Thornton Hall on the SF State campus.

Event details:

  • Title of event: CS Graduate Seminar
  • Location: Thornton Hall 331, SFSU | 1600 Holloway Ave | San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Date: Wednesday, October 18th
  • Time: 5:30-7pm
  • Presenter: Benny Czarny, founder and CEO, OPSWAT

Watch Benny's 2013 presentation below (click here to watch on Youtube):

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