Inquest: The Malware Magnifying Glass

OPSWAT and InQuest partnered to provide a joint solution that identifies malware using multiscanning technology and sanitizes the infected files.  The combination of OPSWAT’s advanced threat prevention and InQuest’s high-speed network monitoring platforms is powerful, effective and unique in the security industry.  OPSWAT’s MetaDefender platform provides a host of critical services such as multiscanning, Data Loss Prevention and data sanitization (CDR).

InQuest specializes in collecting raw session data from your network streams and is capable of handling even the heaviest of workloads. Once we have that data, we put each component (IP, headers, files, certificates) through everything and the kitchen sink.  InQuest’s deep file inspection ensures every piece of content gets extracted and put through the gauntlet.  InQuest solutions come packed with several tools designed to identify and correlate threats in your environment; these are our internal integrations. These services leverage the knowledge base collected and maintained by researchers in our InQuest Labs.  But our knowledge base only scratches the surface and the philosophy once again is to cast the net deeper and wider, thus we put a priority on external integrations as well.  These include a handful of sandboxes, antiviruses, and exchanges all of which automatically receive work from InQuest and whose findings are packaged back into a consolidated view and a calculated “Threat Score.”    

Getting the Most Out of Your MetaDefender

Let’s look at how the combined OPSWAT & InQuest solution maximizes the strengths of both offerings.  When this integration is enabled, all valid files entering your network will automatically be submitted to OPSWAT for analysis. Results from the antivirus engines will be retrieved and evaluated. If these results indicate a file might be infected, we will factor this into our Threat Score for this file. The InQuest 10,000 ft session view (see above figure) will give the indication that OPSWAT detected a threat and you’ll be able to dig into the Scan Results page (see below) to see which antivirus engines fired and what they had to say.

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core Hosting

Get started by targeting your OPSWAT deployment. Hosting parameters is the familiar getting started configuration of any external integration. Tell us where to look and we will start sending your files to OPSWAT, no matter where or how you’ve deployed it.

Target your OPSWAT deployment, no matter where or how it’s hosted

Making Malware Magic

InQuest’s partnership with OPSWAT is founded upon the desire to provide customers with InQuest’s cutting-edge network monitoring and robust automation techniques combined with OPSWAT’s Advanced Threat Prevention using multiscanning services.  The integration of these two forces provides a powerful and robust pipeline for evaluating the files coming into your environment.

The InQuest-MetaDefender joint solution provides customers with an advanced malware detection and analysis platform capable of detecting malicious content that bypasses other perimeter defenses. 

Learn more about the MetaDefender Advanced Threat Prevention Platform. Evaluating the efficacy of MetaDefender engine is straightforward; simply upload your file to the MetaDefender Cloud and check the multiscanning results in seconds.

For a deeper understanding of InQuest’s all-encompassing network threat eradication platform, go to

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