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Insights on the Secure Implementation of Network Segmentation Control Systems 

Protecting Critical Networks: Power Grid

December 07, 2018 by Mike Goldgof
A recent article talks about the continued targeting of the U.S. power grid by Russia-linked hacking groups, specifically by “TEMP.Isotope.” While the U.S. critical infrastructure continues to improve its cyber defenses, some of the...

Protecting Critical Networks: Maritime Industry

December 07, 2018 by Mike Goldgof
A recent article describes the alarming cyber security issues faced by today’s maritime industry. It is entirely feasible for a hacker to break into a ship’s computer system and alter the ship’s course, for example. The primary...

NERC CIP and Transient Cyber Asset Protection

December 07, 2018 by Frank Dye
In today’s world it is essential for all organizations to have strong cyber security policies, and especially for those that are considered a part of the critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure organizations, including energy...

Event Wrap Up: OPSWAT DAY 2018 in Japan

November 08, 2018 by Hiroshi Sekiya
On October 24, 2018, OPSWAT Japan Co., Ltd., a leading provider of Data Sanitization (CDR) and Multi-Scanning technologies, hosted a seminar co-sponsored by Net One Partners Co., Ltd., OPSWAT’s primary distributor in Japan. The...

Electric Power on the Strip: GridSecCon 2018 Wrap-Up

October 29, 2018
GridSecCon 2018 brought together over 600 cyber security professionals in the electric industry in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the latest security trends, best practices, and lessons learned in securing the electric power...

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