MetaDefender API

Advanced Threat Prevention Development Platform

MetaDefender API allows you to integrate advanced malware protection and detection into your IT solutions and applications, for instance to secure web portals from file upload attacks, enhance cyber security products, and develop malware analysis systems.

Using our REST API, you can easily add detection and prevention of cyber security threats using data sanitization and more than 30 anti-malware engines. In addition, our large and growing vulnerability database allows you to find vulnerabilities in installers, binary files and Internet of Things (IoT) firmware.


Data Sanitization (CDR)

Sanitize over 30 common file types, and rebuild each file ensuring full usability with safe content.


Scan with over 30 anti-malware engines using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technology for the highest and earliest detection of known and unknown threats

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect known vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 software applications using over 1 billion hashes

Workflow Engine

Define multiple workflows to handle different security policies for different users, file sources, and file types. File handling options are highly granular.

Use Cases

Protect Web Portals from Malicious File Uploads

MetaDefender prevents malicious file uploads on web applications that are bypassing sandboxes and other advanced threat solutions.

Enhanced Threat Prevention for Security Products

Enhance your security solution using advanced threat prevention technology to stop both known and unknown threats.

Enhanced Anti-Malware Analysis Solutions

Use MetaDefender as a powerful malware analysis system. Multi-scanning can provide information about the threats, data sanitization can help with the analysis of productivity file based malware.

Teza Mukkavilli

Head of Security, Upwork

Explains how Upwork cut Zero Day File Attacks to zero with MetaDefender, compared to only 70% blocked by standard AV.

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We evaluated sandboxes, AV vendors and cloud multi-scanning vendors for our zero-day malware file upload challenge and chose Data Sanitization from OPSWAT.

Teza Mukkavilli
Head of Security, Upwork

MetaDefender API Features

Data Sanitization (CDR)
Sanitize and reconstruct over 30 common file types, ensuring each file is completely usable with safe content. Over 100 file reconstruction options are available. For example, to allow you to flatten files to less complex formats.
Choose from over 30 leading anti-malware engines in flexible package options. Third party anti-malware licenses are included.
Vulnerability Assessment
Scan binaries and installers to detect known application vulnerabilities before they are executed on endpoint devices, including IoT devices.
Use almost any programming language to leverage MetaDefender technology
File Type Verification
Verify over 4500 File types to combat spoofed file attacks
Workflow Engine
Create your own workflow for multi-scanning and data sanitization (CDR) and customize the order and process in which files are handled, based on user, file source, and file type.
Deployment Platforms
Deploy on Windows or Linux servers in your environment, even if it is air-gapped, or in our cloud using
Archive Extraction
Multi-scanning and data sanitization (CDR) for more than 30 types of compressed files. Archive handling options are configurable, and encrypted archives are supported.
API calls for provide access to threat intelligence feeds and broader threat prevention data sources.