OPSWAT SafeConnect NAC v7.0.8 Release

SafeConnect NAC is an essential network security solution for protecting your critical data and intellectual property, combining the real-time visibility, security and orchestration required to address regulatory compliance and security policy automation.

Note that in an upcoming release of SafeConnect NAC will be rebranded as OPSWAT MetaAccess NAC.

New In This Release

  • Support for iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur (macOS 11)
  • Support for proxying RADIUS accounting to an upstream RADIUS server.  For example to relay the RADIUS to a SIEM
  • Significant rework of the infrastructure used for reporting to speed up weekly summary reporting
  • Added support for Extreme Wired (XOS) as a NAS Type
  • Added better support for dual-boot devices to ensure they are consistently identified based on the currently active OS
  • Added a decline option to the email sent to administrators when Device Enrollment is requested
  • Other improvements to note in recent releases include enhancements and fixes for the RADIUS log viewer, improved file synchronization across high-availability nodes, and more, as detailed in the release notes.

 Release Details

·       Product: SafeConnect NAC

·       Release Date: September 29, 2020

·       Release Notes: 7.0.8



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