NERC CIP and Transient Cyber Asset Protection

In today’s world it is essential for all organizations to have strong cyber security policies, and especially for those that are considered a part of the critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure organizations, including energy production, use isolated networks for cyber security and require strong threat prevention for portable media and transient devices that enter and exit critical networks.

Transient electronic media include devices like USB drives, optical discs, SD cards, and even legacy floppy discs. Transient devices can be essential for day-to-day activities and maintenance of isolated and air-gapped networks. As a result, adversaries are increasingly looking to portable media and transient electronic devices to breach otherwise difficult to access systems.

On January 21st, 2016 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued order No. 822 which includes the following section:

“Accordingly, we direct that NERC, pursuant to section 215(d)(5) of the FPA, develop modifications to the CIP Reliability Standards to provide mandatory protection for transient devices used at Low Impact BES Cyber Systems based on the risk posed to bulk electric system reliability.”

While previously only medium and high impact BES Cyber Systems required protection, NERC CIP 003-7 requires that by January 1st, 2020 operators also protect low impact BES Cyber Systems. OPSWAT recommends MetaDefender Kiosk to help satisfy the new NERC CIP 003-7 requirement for low impact BES Cyber Systems. MetaDefender Kiosks serve as entry points into your isolated network and prevent threats using advanced technologies that include Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) and Multi-Scanning. In addition, MetaDefender Vault can be used on the high security side of the critical network to safely store and access allowed files.

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