Latest Metadefender Product Releases from OPSWAT

The below chart will be updated as new releases are available, so check back on our blog for regular updates.

The current releases of each MetaDefender product are the following:

ProductRelease DateRelease NotesDownload on Portal
MetaDefender Core7 Jul 20174.8.0Download
  • Role-based access to product features
  • Vulnerability engine available as an added custom engine, allowing MetaDefender Core to identify files from applications and software that have known vulnerabilities and should be patched, eliminating vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malware
MetaDefender Core v3 (legacy)18 Sept 20173.14.1Download
  • MetaDefender Core now includes the new MetaDefender Client
  • The MetaDefender Mail Agent now supports Office365 and G Suite email servers
  • The MetaDefender Mail Agent now supports installation on Microsoft Exchange servers (BETA)
MetaDefender Kiosk18 Sept 20174.0.2Download
  • New Kiosk User Interface
  • User selection of language
  • Requires MetaDefender Core 4.7.2 or later
MetaDefender Central Management1 Aug 20164.2.0Download
  • Supports distribution of product updates for OESIS endpoints
MetaDefender Update Downloader30 May 20172.2.0Download
  • Offline engine definition updates for both MetaDefender Core 3.x and 4.x instances
MetaDefender Secure File Transfer (SFT)24 Aug 20171.1.7Download
  • Safely store files that have been brought into your secure network
MetaDefender ICAP Server18 Sept 20174.0.3Download
  • Scan all files going through your proxy server or on your network storage server

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