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Metascan ClientPowered by OPSWAT's Metascan technology, Metascan Client is a lightweight tool that enables multi-scanning of endpoints for viruses, key loggers and other malware. Metascan Client is ideal for quickly scanning endpoints prior to a network, web or server login or for regularly scheduled security checks.

Metascan Client provides the ability to scan endpoints' running processes, loaded libraries, full system, or selected files, folders and drives without requiring any installation on the endpoint. Metascan Client also scans virtual machines for malware without having to open or run the virtual machine. By connecting to the Metascan cloud service or to your local Metascan server, Metascan Client harnesses the power of multiple anti-malware engines to ensure endpoint health. 

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You can try Metascan Client by downloading and installing a Metascan trial, available from the OPSWAT PortalClick here to watch a video demonstrating how to download, install, and run a scan.

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How Metascan Client works

Metascan Client Diagram

Metascan Client quickly hashes files and/or the applications running on the endpoint and scans them using a remote Metascan server. Metascan Client does not replace an active anti-malware application on the endpoint (it does not provide real time protection), but network security is enhanced by using Metascan's multi-scanning technology to run regular scans or by ensuring that files and active processes are checked before admittance is granted through a SSL VPN or NAC gateway. Metascan Client can also be embedded to a bootable USB drive to scan computers before allowing network access.

If you are looking for a solution that is more adaptable to other malware scanning needs such as file upload servers, learn more about Metascan, our multiple engine malware scanning SDK.

To evaluate Metascan and Metascan Client, please sign up for a free account on the OPSWAT Portal


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