August in Review

August 26, 2014

Before you head out for a nice long vacation during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, don’t forget to check out all of the exciting product releases and enhancements we’ve released! This past month includes the release of several new GEARS how-to videos and our latest white paper.

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Detecting and Mitigating USB-based Threats

August 25, 2014

The flexibility of the USB protocol and the inherent trust given by Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to Human Interface Devices (HIDs), such as keyboards, can combine to create a threat vector that can directly perform malicious activities on a system as though it were performed by a logged-in user.

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Is The End for USB Devices Near? Not Entirely

August 22, 2014

A recently discovered proof-of-concept malware has the chance to change the entire threat landscape as well as the way organizations, such as critical infrastructure, view the safety of portable devices. The threat is called ‘BadUSB’ and what makes it incredibly dangerous is the fact that it is undetectable by antivirus software. 

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New Tool for Faster OESIS Product Support

Posted by Ganesh Vasudeva / August 21, 2014

We’re excited to release a new “Add Product Support” feature to our OESIS Framework developer tool. Quick support for new third party security applications is crucial for security solutions such as NAC and SSL VPN that utilize OESIS for endpoint compliance checking. Without the ability to detect the latest versions of antivirus software or the particular encryption product the user has installed, unexpected denials of network access can occur.

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Ganesh manages the OESIS and Appremover product lines at OPSWAT, working with customers and partners to deliver products to help customers manage endpoint security.

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Successful Black Hat Conference Comes to a Close

August 19, 2014

The 17th annual Black Hat USA conference brought together over 9,000 cyber security professionals to discuss the sudden rise of mobile threats and data breach vulnerabilities. We attended and exhibited at the security conference, demoing to booth visitors the exciting improvements we’ve made to GEARS and Metascan Online

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Preventing and Combatting Energetic Bear

Posted by Blaine Swarthout / August 18, 2014

The spread of the Stuxnet worm served as a critical reminder to cyber security teams around the globe of the significant damage that can be caused by a cyber-attack. This rang especially true for those working in critical infrastructure that learned a 500 KB computer worm caused the fast-spinning centrifuges of Iran’s Natanz nuclear site to tear themselves apart. As malware evolves and becomes more complex, so must the technology being utilized to defend against advanced persistent threats.

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Blaine is an Account Executive at OPSWAT who manages the majority of the company’s nuclear accounts and brings years of experience and insight to OPSWAT customers.

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New GEARS How-to Videos

August 13, 2014

We recently released a new batch of GEARS how-to videos to make it even easier for you to use the most common functions in GEARS – the cloud-based tool for device security, protection, and management. These short videos show you how to take advantage of the power of GEARS for compliance monitoring, remediation capabilities, and advanced threat protection.

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Gamers Beware When Downloading Free Mods

Posted by Abby Kearns / August 11, 2014

It’s a great time to be a gamer in today’s online world with millions of modifications and expansion packs available for numerous multiplayer games such as League of Legends, Warcraft, and Starcraft. However, there is a real risk that downloading an executable from an unreliable source, for example a random user on a gaming forum, could turn your afternoon gaming adventure into a week long effort to remove unwanted applications and malware from your machine.

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Abby Kearns heads up product marketing for Metascan and Metadefender portfolio, focusing on the market, strategy, tactics, and content that enable our products to be successful. She is a 15-year veteran in the technology industry with various product and management positions at Verizon, Totality, EDS, and Sabre.

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GEARS Goes Portable!

Posted by Adam Winn / August 6, 2014

Last week’s GEARS release introduced a brand new version of the GEARS client, which is designed to be lightweight and completely portable. In the age of BYOD, there are numerous scenarios that prohibit the installation of a persistent client on an endpoint. Thanks to input from our amazing developer community, we designed a completely portable alternative called GEARS for guest devices. 

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Adam is the product manager for the GEARS platform, and also works on a cloud Wi-Fi management system. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges. 

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PUAs Open the Door to System Vulnerabilities

Posted by Jianpeng Mo / August 6, 2014

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post that posed an important question: How Much Can We Trust PUA Installers? To follow up on this theme and explore the topic a little further, we will now take a closer look at the relationship between vulnerabilities and PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

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Jianpeng Mo is Software Analyst Manager at OPSWAT and manages development of the OESIS Framework and AppRemover. He received his M.A. from New York University with a major in Electrical Engineering.

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