Welcome BeCrypt and WinMagic to the OPSWAT Certification Family!

September 19, 2014

Here are our latest OPSWAT Certifications from the past couple of weeks. Please give a warm welcome to our new partners BeCrypt and WinMagic on joining the OPSWAT Certification Program. A total of seven categories were awarded certifications.

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Videos: Configure Metascan Online and Offline Updates

September 16, 2014

We recently created two new Metascan how-to videos to show you how easy it is to schedule your antivirus definition updates! These short videos demonstrate how to configure online and offline updates, to make sure you can always take advantage of the latest virus signatures.

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Why Should I Use Multi-Scanning in Release Management?

Posted by Adam Winn / September 15, 2014

No matter what development model you use, release management is critical to ensure quality and consistency in your product. Whether you have a single large release each year, or are using continuous delivery with many releases each quarter, the same basic strategies apply to the test and release cycle. I realize that the number of tests available is overwhelming, so careful assessments must be made about which tests are important for your release management process. However, one aspect often overlooked during testing is malware scanning—quickly assessing the new code base to determine if anything malicious has been incorporated.

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Adam is the product manager for the GEARS platform, and also works on a cloud Wi-Fi management system. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges. 

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What Effects Do PUAs Have On a User's System?

Posted by Jianpeng Mo / September 11, 2014

Previous blog posts on potentially unwanted applications have outlined our research into the level of trust we can place in PUA installers and the vulnerabilities they can potentially bring to user systems. According to our results, of the 60 potentially unwanted applications sampled, 50% of them were identified as containing one or more forms of malware, and 43% of them were flagged as containing known security vulnerabilities. However, these programs did not necessarily match across these two categories (i.e. some PUAs were considered malware while no vulnerability was reported).

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Jianpeng Mo is Software Analyst Manager at OPSWAT and manages development of the OESIS Framework and AppRemover. He received his M.A. from New York University with a major in Electrical Engineering.

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Access Older Versions of the GEARS Client

Posted by Adam Winn / September 10, 2014

The latest GEARS release includes access to older versions of the GEARS client, significant performance improvements and minor bug fixes. 

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Adam is the product manager for the GEARS platform, and also works on a cloud Wi-Fi management system. His primary goal is to ensure OPSWAT products are meeting the manageability and security needs of its current and future customers. He is an avid researcher and enjoys solving technical challenges. 

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Real-time Malware Analysis for Embedded Content

September 9, 2014

OPSWAT and InQuest have partnered to offer our government and defense customers an in-depth malware detection and analysis tool. This exciting new combination of InQuest’s network session inspection and analysis capabilities, along with Metascan’s robust static analysis functionalities, enables the near real-time investigation of files coming into a network, including those with embedded content. 

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Stop Malware with New Metascan Online Extension for Chrome

September 5, 2014

OPSWAT is excited to introduce a tool that gives users the ability to detect malware threats faster than ever before - Metascan Online is now available as an extension for Google Chrome! The extension allows users to scan all downloads from within the browser, harnessing the power of 40+ commercial anti-malware engines with a single click. 

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Sustained Spear Phishing Attack Breaches More than 300 Companies

September 4, 2014

Cybertinel has discovered a sophisticated cybersecurity attack targeting European-based organizations. This discovery, dubbed the "Harkonnen Operation", led them to uncover over 300 companies that were singled out for data exfiltration over a 12 year period. These companies included financial institutions, industrial companies, research laboratories, and government agencies, spanning Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Major New GEARS Features Now Available

August 28, 2014

A new version of GEARS is now available and the update includes several new features such as the ability to disable automatic updates for the GEARS client, a new remediation page for end user device issues and enhanced threat intelligence. 

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Using Metadefender’s Username Variable

Posted by Curtis Cade / August 28, 2014

When Metadefender is configured to perform a user authentication prior to scanning, those usernames are now available as a variable in post processing actions. Tying usernames into post processing actions allows for scanned files to be moved into specific user locations such as a specific user’s shared directory, instead of having a generic location for all scanned files. By utilizing the authentication and username variable in post processing, data can be securely brought into an organization through portable media, without needing to allow the media beyond where the kiosk is located.

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Curtis works alongside the Metascan and Metadefender Sales and Engineering teams to ensure customers have successful evaluations and deployments.

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