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Metadefender helps protect your network by enabling control over the flow of data into and out of your organization. Commonly used as a checkpoint to protect infrastructure, SCADA controlled environments, industrial control systems (ICS), and process control systems from the risk of removable media devices (such as USB drives, CDs/DVDs, and other portable media), Metadefender allows you to configure detailed content filters for unknown removable devices brought in by employees, contractors, vendors and others. 

Organizations that seek maximum security, such as banks, military organizations, and public utilities, are often disconnected from the network and need to create checkpoints for any digital media being introduced to their secure environments. Metadefender allows these organizations to define clear steps to detect, control, and sterilize digital data before it is transferred to the secure network.Metadefender kiosk for USB Security

Metadefender allows you to audit the users that transfer data to and from the organization as well as to create a secure dataflow. You can set filters to allow or block content based on file size, file type, and multiple antivirus scan results (powered by Metascan), and even to convert files into safer file types. Via a simple web-based management dashboard, you can easily configure tailored security policies for each individual or for groups of users in your organization, depending on your security needs. 

The Metadefender software package can be installed on both standard PCs or on hardened kiosks and can be deployed in both connected and offline/air-gap environments.


Metadefender Scanning Process:

MD4M Scanning Process


See how one current customer is utilizing Metadefender for USB security and to control the flow of data into their organization: Public Utility Snapshot

For more information about Metadefender software, visit the Features and Deployment Options pages, download our brochure (PDF), or contact the OPSWAT sales team.


Metadefender webinars

Learn more about Metadefender and how this security solution allows organizations to monitor and manage the dataflow into and out of their secure network.

Metadefender Web MC Webinar Webinar: Metadefender Management Console Overview

This webinar focused on the new web-based Metadefender Management Console and the best practices for defining secure workflows for different user groups.

Watch the recorded webinar »

Black Hat 2013 Webinar: Introducing the new Metadefender

OPSWAT is proud to announce Metadefender 3.0! This webinar focused on the new features of Metadefender, including easy configuration of security policies for specific users and group of users, conversion of files to more secure file types, and more.

Watch the recorded webinar »


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