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Metascan is a server application with a local and network programming interface that enables customers to detect and prevent advanced threats by incorporating multi-scanning, data sanitization technology, and controlled data workflows. Metascan packages can be delivered with a variety of fully incorporated and licensed anti-malware engines to deliver fast, scalable, and reliable content scanning to protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware. The highly flexible APIs provide the customer with numerous programming options for integrating Metascan into existing or custom build security systems.

By using many anti-malware engines from vendors like ESET, AVG, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Symantec,
F-Secure, Kaspersky, and McAfee, Metascan technology increases zero hour detection rates for all types of malware without the hassle of licensing, modifying, and maintaining multiple anti-malware engines. All engines integrated into Metascan products are optimized to scan simultaneously for fast, high performance scanning.

Metascan has countless use cases, such as scanning files uploaded to file upload servers, computer forensic analysis, scanning web traffic through a proxy server, testing data moving across internal security domains, and ISVs analyzing their binaries for false positives. You can even integrate your existing anti-malware software from vendors like Symantec or McAfee via our API. Start building your custom scanning solution with one of our pre-built Metascan package options.

Download the Metascan brochure to learn more.

Why use multi-scanning technology?

No anti-malware engine is perfect. With over 200,000 new threats emerging daily, it would be impossible for any single product to provide guaranteed protection 100% of the time. For organizations that need enhanced security, using multiple anti-malware engines can increase detection rates significantly. When new threats emerge, only one of those engines needs to detect the malware for your system to be protected. Read more about multi-scanning on our blog.

The chart below shows the detection of several keyloggers by ten anti-malware engines, demonstrating how Metascan can provide enhanced detection rates of threats, including outbreaks.

Multi-scanning Detection
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Metascan in action

Metascan powers these additional tools from OPSWAT, which demonstrate the power and flexibility of the technology.

Metascan Client

Metascan Client, included with Metascan, scans drives, partitions, files folders, and running processes on endpoints using a remote server. Download a demo to scan your machine's running processes for threats using our cloud server.


Metascan Online

Metascan Online is a cloud-based deployment of Metascan that uses multiple anti-malware engines to scan files for threats. Upload files to see results from more than 40 anti-malware engines.


How Metascan works

How Metascan Works with anti-malware API and anti-malware SDK solutions Metascan has multiple anti-malware scanning engines embedded within its framework at the API level. This means that scanning operations are executed with a high level of performance, which cannot be achieved by simply passing files to separate command-line or GUI based versions of anti-malware products. Anyone looking to integrate with an anti-malware solution such as McAfee or Symantec via API or SDK will find Metascan to be an ideal security solution. See the use cases for a range of anti-malware API solutions that can be created with Metascan.

Engines included in Metascan

See which embedded engines are currently available in Metascan packages by visiting our Package Options. Interested in having your engine added to Metascan or Metascan Online? Become a Metascan Engine Supplier to extend your reach into new markets, and submit your engine for inclusion in Metascan Online to participate in our malware sample sharing program. Learn more about Metascan partnering opportunities>>


Metascan webinars

Watch our webinars to learn more about using Metascan to protect your organization from advanced threats.

To view all of the Metascan webinars, please visit the Metascan Webinars page.

Metascan + Policy Patrol Webinar Webinar: Enhanced Email Security using Metascan and Policy Patrol

OPSWAT is excited to announce a new integration between Metascan and Red Earth's Policy Patrol software! This webinar focused on how this combined solution can protect your organization from advanced threats within emails. 

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Metascan Webinar Webinar: Overview of Metascan Offline Updates

This webinar focused on exciting enhancements to the offline update feature.

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Metascan Online API Webinar Webinar: Metascan Online API Overview

OPSWAT is proud to announce the availability of a new feature to Metascan Online, the Metascan Online Public API. This webinar is focused on the new API and how you can add multi-scanning to your security infrastructure.

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