Deep CDR Support for MS Office Files

OPSWAT Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR) is an advanced threat prevention technology defeating any file-based attacks used for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), Ransomware, Zero-day attacks, etc. It sanitizes and reconstructs over 100 common file types, ensuring each file is completely usable with safe content. Supported file types include PDF, Microsoft Office, HTML, and many image files. Language/region specific file formats like JTD and HWP files are also supported.

Highlighted malicious MS Office files neutralized by Deep CDR

File TypeDeep CDR FeatureThreat DetectedReference Sample
PPTXRemove binary dataCVE-2017-8570 View
PPTXSanitize imageMalware.JS/Agent.UO.1 View
PPTXSanitize imageMalware.JS/Giframe.AZ View
PPTXSanitize imageJPG:PHPAgent-A View
PPTXRecursively sanitize embedded XLSM fileVirus:X97M/Mailcab.A View
PPTXSanitize imageMalware.JS/iFrame.JPG.A.1 View
PPTXRemove OLEExploit.OLE-JAR.Gen.1 View
PPTMRemove macroTroj/DocDl-JWU View
PPTMRemove hyperlinkHTML/IFRAME.gen View
SLDXSanitize imageRDN/Generic Exploit View
SLDXRemove embedded objectTrojan.LNK.Gen View
SLDXRemove OLEExploit.OLE-JAR.Gen.1 View
SLDXSanitize imageBackdoor:PHP/Agent View
SLDMSanitize imageTrojan-downloader.msoffice.agent View
SLDMRemove macroVirus.Office.qexvmc View
SLDMRemove macroTroj/DocDl-JWU (VB.PwShell.2.Gen) View
XLSRemove macroMW97:Laroux-E View
XLSRemove macroVirus/MSExcel.Fireal View
XLSRemove macroX97M/DIVI.A View
XLSRemove macroVirus/MSExcel.PTH View
XLSRemove macroO97M.Tristate.C View
XLSRemove macroXF/NetSnak.A View
XLSRemove external content, remove macroXF/Sic View
XLSRemove macroVBA.Trojan-Downloader.Agent View
XLSMRemove macroTroj/DocDl-QXQ View
DOCRemove macroTroj/DocDl-NNN View
DOCFile reconstructionTrojan.VB.Valyria View
DOCFile reconstruction, remove metadataWin.Trojan.PowerShell-8 View
DOCXRemove OLECVE-2017-0199 View
DOCXRemove DDEW97M/Macroless View
DOCMRemove OLEGen:Variant.Zusy.235023 View
DOCMRemove macroVBA.Trojan-Downloader.Agent View