File Upload Security

Protect Against Malicious File Uploads

Productivity files such as documents and images can contain hidden malware.

  • Can you trust every file uploaded into your web applications? 
  • Do you trust every file your employees download from external websites? 
  • Are cybercriminals attempting to upload malicious content to penetrate your environment and steal data? 
  • Do you have a process for evaluating suspicious files and detecting sensitive data leakage?

Traditional detection mechanisms are insufficient, and integrating multiple solutions is costly and time consuming. Enterprises need a robust layer of protection between uploaded files and their network. 

“With MetaDefender CDR, Upwork was able to prevent 100% of zero-day file attacks, compared to only 70% blocked by standard AV. All files with active objects are sanitized. 75% of files are processed and ready in less than a second and 99% in less than six seconds.”
Teza Mukkavilli

Head of Security

How We Can Help

Superior Malware Scanning

Many enterprises scan with only a single anti-malware engine. Industry best practices recommend scanning with as many engines as possible. OPSWAT scans every file with over 35+ anti-malware engines, resulting in detection rates exceeding 99%.

In-Depth Data Reconstruction

Malware can be hidden in innocuous files. Suspicious files should be sanitized before reaching the network and accessed by end users. OPSWAT’s Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR) technology sanitizes over 85+ common file types, outputting clean, usable files.

Sensitive Data Control

Forms and templates can be submitted to web portals with sensitive data. Accidentally included PII, like a social security number, may need to be redacted before consumption by the end user. OPSWAT’s Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP) redacts sensitive data, before it reaches the end user.

Low Overhead Implementation

To achieve comprehensive malware and data loss protection, many enterprises integrate multiple systems. OPSWAT gives enterprises powerful control over cybersecurity through a single platform. This results in a higher ROI, higher adoption, lower overhead, and fewer trained professionals needed to oversee complex systems.

Over 1,000 organizations use OPSWAT for cybersecurity and compliance.

What We Offer

Assess Your File Upload Service's Security Readiness

Have the experts of OPSWAT's Professional Services quickly assess your File Upload security readiness. We tailor the evaluation to your organization’s specific needs based on our proven methodology, then provide a detailed analysis report with follow up discussion and recommendations.

Combat Malware Adaptations

Malware continues to bypass existing defenses because cybercriminals develop threats with evolving sophistication, and enterprises deploy insufficient protection. Many security professionals allow files to enter a network after only a single anti-virus scan. Superior solutions capitalize on combining as many anti-virus engines as possible. To detect the latest threats, OPSWAT uses 35+ anti-malware engines by using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning.

Detect and Block Sensitive Data

Sensitive can be stolen, uploaded by mistake, or accidentally sent externally. The result can be expensive compliance fines and significant reputational damage. OPSWAT can inspect files for sensitive data and block or redact it before it reaches the end user or exits the environment.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Regulatory compliance requirements are enforced to minimize breaches and privacy violations. Meeting compliance is time consuming and can be costly—if requirements are not met. OPSWAT technologies provide compliant processes, comprehensive visibility, detailed reporting capabilities, and help meet requirements in the OWASP guidelines. 

Use cybersecurity that works