FastTrack Software Gains File Upload Protection, Added Value for Customers, and Confidence with MetaDefender Cloud

Headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, with major offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, FastTrack Software is a global leader in developing tools for systems administrators. FastTrack’s solution, Admin By Request, was built by system administrators, who understand the challenge of managing an efficient software installation process and safely maintaining endpoint security and compliance in a centralized manner.

The Admin By Request privileged access management solution provides administrators an environment to structurally decide what software users are allowed to install on endpoints, contributing to the security integrity of the whole organization. Instead of whitelisting the needed software, admins respond to the users' explicit install requests. With Admin By Request, administrators are notified in real-time about software install requests which they explicitly approve, and have full audit logs of the organization’s activity. 

Customer Challenges

Administrators need a secure way of validating admin requests from users. Requesting only the credentials and purpose of use are not enough information for administrators to decide whether software should enter a system or not, especially because users have specific needs when it comes to selecting and installing solutions, devices, and internet connections. Malware often comes in the form of legitimate software that users try to install without being aware of the security threats posed, falling victim to cyberattacks.

Admins need a tool that also helps them analyze the software from a security perspective to uncover malware hidden in files. Installing software that contains malware, malicious scripts, or macros may lead to multiple problems such as leveraging infrastructure vulnerabilities; file usage to gain control of infected users’ machines; blocking multiple programs or the system shut down, even compromising the whole organization. Consequences might include downtime, ransomware attacks, PII exposure, financial loss, and reputation damage.

OPSWAT Solution

OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud was chosen to help administrators make informed decisions before allowing software to be installed on devices. Using, OPSWAT industry awarded Multiscanning technology, files are analyzed by multiple anti-malware engines (up to 32) using signatures, heuristics, and machine learning to provide a highly accurate report on the files to be installed on the user endpoints. Based on this report, the administrators make informed decisions on whether to quarantine or install files.

Multiscanning is a fast and reliable solution that doesn’t interfere with the users' installation process. The file analysis is based on hash lookup: instead of scanning the file, it’s unique hash is looked up in MetaDefender’s comprehensive online database of malware hashes, a process that usually lasts less than one second. If the hash is not found, it is uploaded and scanned immediately, and in a few seconds, the scanning result is available to administrators who now have a complete security report to help them decide whether to allow the admin request.


By integrating MetaDefender Cloud, Admin By Request provides a complete and sustainable file journey, protecting the customers' systems from installing malicious files: when a user requests to run a file with administrative privileges, the file is scanned in real-time by MetaDefender Cloud’s collection of anti-malware engines. The malware detection proceeds without any performance or time delay and it doesn’t conflict with any security software that customers may have on their endpoints since it happens in the cloud.

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“Managing an organization’s infrastructure is a big responsibility. The administrator's success is the network’s safety and effectiveness, which means all applications are running, there is no or very little downtime, users are satisfied with their tools and can focus on their activity, managers can easily keep track of business. It is a big challenge especially for medium and big companies, where the technology volume and speed of data transfer are high and a business continuity plan is imperative.

That is why our solution now provides also the malware detection functionality, supported by OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud service.

This feature makes sure that the system will not be compromised by malware. The malware diagnosis received by the administrator is a solid base to decide which files run with administrative privileges, with only two clicks away. We are happy that we now provide an even more complex solution, that answers our customers' biggest needs.”

Lars Sneftrup Pedersen