Light Point Security + OPSWAT

Light Point Security and OPSWAT together offer a comprehensive browsing security solution. With the combination of Light Point Web and MetaDefender Cloud, browsing occurs on a remote system outside the network, and downloaded files are sanitized and analyzed with multiple anti-malware engines. By using MetaDefender deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR), exploitable content is removed from all downloaded files. OPSWAT's file-based vulnerability assessment engine identifies vulnerabilities in downloaded applications.

Browsing and downloading are both made secure with this joint browsing isolation solution.

Webinar: Full Browser Isolation with Threat Free Downloads

Learn about how Light Point Security integrated their browsing isolation solution with OPSWAT's advanced deep content disarm and reconstruction technology to secure web browsing and file downloads.

Joint Solution Components


  • Because browsing takes place on a remote system in a virtual machine, malware and phishing attacks cannot reach an endpoint through browsers
  • Downloading files to a user's device is fast and totally secure
  • Files are thoroughly scanned for malware before entering a secure network
  • Protection against both known and unknown threats via multiscanning that leverages both signature and heuristic analysis
  • Downloaded files disarmed and reconstructed with functionality intact, removing possible attacks hidden in files our users the peace of mind that their downloads are malware free, and relieves Light Point Security from the task of having to license, maintain, and continually update multiple anti-malware engines.

Zuly Gonzales
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Additional Benefits

By using MetaDefender Cloud with Light Point Security, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

Light Point Security is a cyber security company that offers an innovative solution for safe web browsing. Given the complexity of web browsers and the thousands of new threats created every day, Light Point Security believes that there will always be new flaws to exploit. Instead of trying to filter and block malicious code, their product, Light Point Web, protects users by installing a browser plugin that transparently launches browsing sessions on a remote virtual machine hosted by Light Point Security. This means that whether a website's code is malicious or not, the user's computer will never be exposed to it. When the user ends the browsing session, the one-time use virtual machine is automatically destroyed, along with any malware it may have been exposed to.

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